boeing p-8 poseidon aircraft.

A new contract has been announced by Boeing this month. It comes in light of the movement to modernize maritime patrol capabilities by the US Navy, the Australian Air Force, and the United Kingdom Royal Air Force. Boeing is planning on enabling this by way of a $2.2 billion contract for at least 17 new P-8A Poseidon aircraft.

The contract also leaves room for 32 additional aircraft, as well as money for future orders. It is expected the total contract value will reach $6.8 billion. Two keys of a successful program are production stability and pricing, which Boeing and the Navy are hoping to achieve with this contract.

To start out the new additions, the Navy will expand by eleven aircraft, Australia will receive four new P-8A Poseidon aircraft, and the UK Royal Airforce will start with two P-8A jets expected by the beginning of the year 2019. So far, Boeing has delivered fifty-three Poseidon aircraft to the Navy and a total of two to the Royal Australian Airforce.

The P-8A Poseidon has the world’s most advanced anti-submarine, anti-surface warfare and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. The Indian Navy has a few variants of this same aircraft in operation. It is called the P-8I. After delivery of four additional aircraft, their fleet will total twelve.

“Jamie Burgess, vice president of Boeing Military Aircraft’s Mobility, Surveillance & Engagement division and P-8 program manager says, The P-8A is a textbook example of Boeing’s commercial derivative expertise. Every day our customers get to fly incredible aircraft that perform exceptionally well and are built by the best of Boeing.”

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era leonardo aw189 helicopter

Era Group Inc., as one of the leading global helicopter operators, is announcing its partnership with Leonardo Helicopters to showcase the AW189. The announcement came as they revealed the AW189 helicopters will be on display at the 2017 HAI Heli-Expo, which is the world’s largest trade show. Era was the initial customer for the AW189 helicopter in December of 2015.

“Era is proud to have one of our AW189s on display as part of Leonardo’s presence at this year’s Heli-Expo,”

said Chris Bradshaw, President and Chief Executive Officer of Era.

“The AW189 has been an outstanding addition to our diverse and technologically advanced fleet. Its versatility and reliability enhance our ability to provide competitive options for cost-efficient, long-range offshore helicopter transport. In addition, as a full-service operating lessor, Era stands ready to provide operational and technical support to assist other helicopter operators in the launch of their own AW189 operations.”

These aircrafts specialize in long-range missions, and their new design helps to aid in that. The company is excited to show the aircraft’s spacious cabin and cockpit design, which incorporates the latest in advanced situational awareness technologies to reduce crew workload, and improve the safety and effectiveness of all missions. The aircraft comes ready with the industry leading 50 minute “dry-run” option on the main gearbox. It exceeds all certification standards as well as offered reliability and safety that is unparalleled in any other aircraft.

Daniele Romiti, who is the Managing Director of Leonardo Helicopters added,

“We’re pleased to have Era as a long-time partner and launch customer for the AW189 in the Americas, and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of their operational growth.”

He also referred to the fact that the collaboration allows them to additionally show the extent to which the aircraft can adapt to a wide variety of specific mission types.

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Spanish Eurofighters red Flag

Just outside of Las Vegas is one of the U.S. military’s most important bases, Nellis Air Force Base. Some of the most advanced combat training programs are conducted there. One of these is Exercise Red Flag 17-2. It is the largest, most comprehensive and realistic training exercises. The Spanish Air Force Eurofighters are currently participating in this training exercise.

Among the Eurofighters included in this program, Spain has delivered 17 of 19 Tranche 1 airframes and 33 of 34 Tranche 2 airframes participating in the training. They are also anticipating on providing 21 Tranche 3 Eurofighters in addition to that. Due to some budget limitation Spain encountered with expansion, they were not able to acquire the 87 Eurofighters they initially wanted to.

The Spanish Airforce has played a significant role in helping partner nations improve their air-to-ground capacity. While they originally made the primary function of their Eurofighters to function as air-to-air fighters, they decided to make a shift and incorporate this additional capability.

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jssi helicopters market growth

Jet Support Services, INC or JSSI has decided to jump into the helicopter market. JSSI has already witnessed a monster growth since the announcement. They have seen a 250 percent jump in new contracts, which have been bringing in a 600 percent growth in contract value over the past year. To date JSSI’s concentration has been on hourly maintenance for a variety of different aircrafts, charging mostly hourly per maintenance call. Roughly two years ago the company decided to renew its focus on helicopter market. The company had always offered helicopter programs for decades but decided to push the market segment recently.

“We really started to turn and drive a focus into the helicopter market segment,” said Kevin Thomas, JSSI senior v-p, business development and strategic planning.

Business has began to climb and climb since the renewed interest in 2015 and has seen the market for helicopters grow exponentially since 2016. With JSSI ramping up its helicopter operations they have established a dedicated team of tech experts. JSSI has already begun adding support specialist in Europe and North America. They will soon be adding more support throughout the globe. JSSI already has a team of 80 or technical service specialist who handle parts issues and engine problems. The dedicated helicopter team will only concentrate on managing helicopters and ensuring full compliance.

“This is a tremendous relief for directors of maintenance who would have to put in different programs to support each of those aircraft,”

Raymond Weiser stated, the senior director of helicopter services.

JSSI has many programs available for 100 different helicopter models. In 2016 alone they have introduced 18 new maintenance programs.

They will also offer a parts only program for the Airbus H130 helicopter. It’s estimated this growth will continue of the next 12-24 months with the rare independent hourly cost programs they offer.

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lao skyway airbus h125

When you hear airbus you think of quality because Airbus brings state of the art engineering and ingenuity when it comes to airplanes and helicopters. Helicopters are very popular for few reasons, one is that it is really easy to take off and land anywhere and this makes it very convenient for search and transferring goods to areas that are not easily accessible.

Also helicopters are capable of standing almost still in the air and this great for search and rescue missions, the cops and fire fighters are also known to use helicopters in order to find anyone or be able to save someone who needs rescuing. Lao Skyway has placed an order with Airbus for the Airbus H125 helicopter which most likely will be used for civil and domestic use such as charter flights and locate missions.

Lao Skyway is very proud to be an Airbus customer or even a trusted partner for the past 15 years, this relationship made them very confident to order the Airbus H125 helicopter which is the first helicopter of its kind to operate in Lao. This is because it’s known for its performance, durability, and flies high and for long distances with very minimum maintenance work needed. Having reliable aircraft is very crucial for any user especially a business that will be dependent on the services that it can offer.

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mi-17 helicopter elbit

Elbit Systems has announced that they have secured a $110 million contract in order to modernize and maintain Mil Mi-17 transports for an undisclosed country in the Asia-Pacific region. The helicopter upgrade contract will be carried out over the course of a five year period.

There are over 930 Mi-8/17-series helicopters being operated by a combined fleet in the 17 Asia-Pacific region nations and the Elbit contract will offer rotary-wing modernization services which will include structural upgrades, conversion of utility and assault platforms for multirole operations and full maintenance and support packages. Elbit Chief Executive Bezhalel Machlis has expressed his hope that other customers will follow the selection of Elbit’s selection of modernization solutions in response to the rapidly aging helicopter market in the numerous Eastern platforms.

In recent years Elbit has developed sophisticated systems in order to modify rotorcraft to glass cockpit configuration standard all the while placing a paramount emphasis on safety under difficult operating conditions like degraded visual environments in order to better serve its customers and setting the bar as far as quality standards go.

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rockwell flight tracking

Tracking services might not seem too new but this is something that airlines and airplanes have been lacking for quite some time. We have heard of the missing flights that went on in the past few years, having tracking technology on board will not only make the airlines more reliable; but it will make the passengers of the plane including the crew members and the pilots to feel safer.

This is also true for the families of the passengers that are traveling using the airlines and for the crew member’s families that they would feel safer knowing where their families are. Having said that; Asiana Airlines and Air Busan are fully onboard with the idea and they want to Rockwell Collins to supply the airline’s fleets with tracking technology using Arinc MultiLink aircraft.

Rockwell’s tracking technology uses Arinc MultiLink which designed to gather data from the airplane and other sources in order to keep track of the aircraft wherever it travels around the world. This technology depends on Rockwell Collin’s proprietary high-frequency data link (HFDL) performance. Of course, this technology utilizes other aircraft tracking data sources such as aircraft communications addressing and reporting system (ACARS) and others.

This system can also be accessed or be accessed by several surveillance systems that will assure the position of the aircraft even in areas where signals can be very weak and almost none. This is an error correcting system that will require all positions to complement each other.

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atr 42

On January 23rd, 2017 Michael G Ubisch wrote an article for FlightGlobal talking about how ATR is planning to improve the ATR 42. They plan to do this by increasing the capability of operating from remote airfields.

Christian Scherer, the chief executive of ATR, is planning to work on manageable modifications that would accommodate for a 50 seat aircraft to operation on runways.

The improvement will also include a more light and effective carbon brake which is already been put in ATR 72-600.

With this expansion, Scherer is looking beyond. Here’s what he has to say.

“This opens, in theory if you look at a world map, whole bands of currently uncharted territory [for potential aircraft operation],”

ATR hopes to offer this package to potential customers with the help of its shareholders, Airbus and Leonardo.

Scherer also says this:

“We know we have a technical solution. If we find launch customers for this particular version, I will go the shareholders and ask for the development.”

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h135 helicopter

In recent news, the Japanese Police Agency has purchased two of the latest Helionix-equipped helicopters for latest incorporation to fleet. These helicopters are one of a kind in the fleet being the first helionix Aircrafts that the Japanese police has ever had. The rightful owners of the helicopters will be the Wakayama Prefectural Police and the Kumamoto Prefectural Police to try to improve the quality of missions. The purchase of the H135 has been the first order of an aircraft from the Japanese Police Agency since they purchased the AS365 N3+ and H155 aircrafts in the year 2015. The estimated time of delivery for the H135 Is said to be in the year 2019.

“We are extremely honoured by the National Police Agency’s continued vote of confidence, becoming the launch customer of the Helionix-equipped H135 in Japan. It is also a great pleasure to deliver the two Dauphin family aircraft to our long-standing customer”,
said Olivier Tillier, Managing Director of Airbus Helicopters Japan.
“We are certain that the high-performance H135 is the perfect choice for the Agency, with the fleet contributing greatly to a wide range of law enforcement missions. We will continue to deliver the fullest support to meet our customer’s requirements.”

The H135 has been equipped with a state of the art Airbus Helicopter cockpit suite that will reduce pilot work load with a 4 axis auto and enhance pilot safety.

With the latest incorporations in the H135 it makes it the top choice in the light twin engine aircrafts. The Aircraft has been said to be a great attribute to fulfill,” variety of missions, ranging from emergency medical services, law enforcement, VIP and business passenger transport, and military training.”

There are currently 1200 H135 model helicopters worldwide and have accumulated over 3 million hours in flight time.

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turkish TAI T-625

Turkish Aerospace Industries has begun the works to manufacture a latest light utility helicopter. The helicopter is known by the TAI T-625 and was introduced to try to be a leading competition in the defense market. Initially created to replace the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) “legacy UH-1H Huey utility helicopter” also a top choice in the lighter helicopter division.

The T-625 has been made with cabin to be able to fit up to 12 passengers comfortably. TAI Inc has also agreed to manufacture the T-625s transmission and main gearbox. A trusted Turkish defense electronic company known as Aslesan has collaborated with TAI to provide the T-625 with the all the on-board electronics compartments that the helicopter may require. Including the “active phased-array transceiver-based electronic warfare and countermeasures suite.”

The Light Helicopter Turbing Engine Company’s T800   engine will be powering the T-625 helicopter. The LHTEC is a partnership between Honeywell and Rolls Royce two very well-known engine and aerospace companies.  The T800 was originally crafted for the US Army RAH-66 Comache armed reconnaissance helicopter but was cancelled and has been optimized to be used for other devices.

Another contribution to the to the development to the T-625 will be the incorporation of its very own turboshaft that will be provided by Tusas Engine Industries.

The Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) presented TAI with the opportunity to be able to develop a utility helicopter prototype. The contract was presented in the year 2013 and is planned to be completed by the last quarter of 2018.

“Aviation Week reports that TAI foresees domestic armed forces and civil demands requiring up to 300 T-625s. Defense News notes that TAI is aiming to sell 800 helicopters domestically, with another 400 being exported. TAI is hoping to leverage Ankara’s flexible foreign relations ties as a means to secure markets that may not be readily accessible to its competitors in the light utility helicopter space, such as Airbus Helicopters and Lockheed Martin/Sikorsky.”

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