Airbus Helicopters EC135

On November 22 2016, Airbus posted an article on their website talking about how Airbus is delivering their last Ec135 T2 for the HATS or Helicopter Aircrew Training System for the Australian Defense Force. There was six of these that were recently delivered thus completing all the deliveries on time. There were 15 helicopters in total that were delivered. The EC135 T2 is part of the H135 series which consists of Light twin engine helicopters. The beginning flights of the EC135 T2 started in Nowra, Australia.

Here is what Peter Harris the Head of Government Sales for Australia Pacific wrote about this event.

Airbus Helicopters is proud to know that Boeing has accepted now all 15 of their new EC135T2+, on time and on budget, for their world leading helicopter aircrew training system for the ADF. Following contract signature in November of 2014, and in the space of only two years, we have trained the initial cadre of Boeing and Commonwealth aircrew and technicians and all 15 aircraft have now been accepted”.

Terry Nichols, the Boeing’s HATS Director, is very pleased with the results of the EC135 and commends Airbus Helicopters on having such speedy delivery.

“Boeing Defense Australia chose the EC135 as our preferred helicopter solution for HATS; it's a proven and reliable platform. We have been delighted with the cooperation from Airbus Helicopters to deliver these platforms that will form an important part of a world class training system.”

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h3 dynamics

On November 16th 2016, Courtney E. Howard the Chief Editor of Intelligent Aerospace wrote an article that talks about how H3 Dynamics in both Austin, Texas and Singapore is launching a new type of UAV or unmanned aerial vehicle also known as an UAV or UAS (unmanned aircraft system). This can be launched by hand and has the capability to be in flight for up to 10 hours with distances of 500km plus.

The total weight of this is only seven kilograms which allows for less equipment needed to launch the UAV. Not only this, the UAV can cover larger areas of land faster.

HYWINGS was part of the H3 Dynamics product lineup which includes HYCOPTER which is a hydrogen electric multi rotor platform and DRONEBOX which is a drone charging station that can sustain itself for up to two years.

H3 Dynamics is an industry leader for energy storage, field communications, advanced robotics, and real time analytics. Here is what Howard has to say about the company.

“Based in Singapore and Austin, Texas, H3 Dynamics is a full-stack tele-robotics solutions provider comprising three separate subsidiaries, with an offering that ranges from visual analytics on-demand, to unattended sensors and drones, and advanced energy storage systems. HES Energy Systems, an H3 Dynamics subsidiary, develops ultra-light, high energy density power systems enabled by fuel cells and various on-demand hydrogen supply solutions.”

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F-35 aircraft

The U.K. Ministry of Defense has announced that effective immediately, the U.K. will be home to an F-35 Repair Hub in support of the F-35 Maintenance Program which will support thousands of jobs in North Wales. The F-35 Program Office has designated the U.K. as a global repair hub in order to provide maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade services for the F-35 avionic and aircraft components. Hundreds of European-based F-35 aircrafts are expected to be serviced and maintained in the North Wales location over the lifetime of the program.

This program is expected to generate hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue for the UK defense industry with the potential to provide up to 2 billion dollars’ worth of support revenue of future F-35s. Defense Secretary Michael Fallon believes that this move firmly establishes Britain as the hub for all European F35s and will create hundreds of high-end jobs immediately along with safeguarding thousands more.

The North Wales site already supports around 400 jobs with thousands more through the wider supply chain and this program will make Wales an essential component repair hub in support of all the F-35 aircrafts further cementing its status as a leader in aviation technology.

Based on a partnership enterprise between Defense Electronics & Components Agency (DECA), BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman, the majority of the work will be centered at the UK Government-owned, Defense Electronics & Components Agency (DECA) which is based at MOD Sealand, in North East Wales. The program is expected to become fully operational by early 2018.

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Garmin Excel/XLS G5000 Flight Deck Mod

Garmin is announcing an STC upgrade to the market for modern flight deck upgrades in the form of a G5000 touchscreen-controlled flight deck in the Citation Excel and XLS. Only available through select Garmin dealers and certified Textron Aviation service centers, the upgrade is expected to reduce the basic operating weight by roughly 200 lbs. With FAA approval on the docket for 2018, the G5000 avionics will effectively replace the Excel/XLS’s Honeywell Primus 1000 flight deck.

The upgrade consists of coupled WAAS/SBAS approaches (PBN/RNP 0.3 with LPV/APV approach capability), flight level mode changes, a digital automatic flight control system with emergency descent feature, vertical navigation and fully coupled go-around capability with optional underspeed protection. The display itself boasts two touchscreen controllers to manage three 14-inch high-resolution displays in landscape orientation, a multi-panel layout (which is fully customizable to show maps, charts, checklists, TAWS, TCAS, flight plan information and weather), an engine indication array which appears on the center MFD, and optional Chartview (Jeppesen) terminal charts.

The Garmin’s FliteCharts and SafeTaxi diagrams come standard along with ADS-B out and TAWS-A alerting. Customers can further upgrade the synthetic vision, ground clutter-suppression digital weather radar, global weather and text/voice via Iridium sitcom, SurfaceWatch runway advisories, Connext wireless cockpit connectivity, windshear alerting, active and passive traffic surveillance using TCAS II/ACAS II technology, urbulence detection, SiriusXM weather and Data Comm, including Link 2000+ and CPDLC. Garmin also revealed that charts are georeferenced and can be viewed on all three 14-inch displays with a geographical map overlay is available for display within the HSI on the PFD.

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apache helicopter with night vision sensor

Lockheed Martin has gained to upgrade the US militaries night vision Apache Aircrafts “Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor (M-TADS/ PNVS). Retaining a good relationship with between the two on Oct. 4, the US ARMY granted Lockheed a $49.3 million contract to update “(M-DSA) upgrade kits and spares which will allow improvements on mission’s outcomes. The newest installments have become a part of the U.S Army’s Lot 1 production and will begin to take place in March 2019.

The Army’s facilities that has been chosen to host all improvements are in Orlando and Ocala both located in Central Florida. Both the M-DSA and the M-TADS/PNVS have similar attributes but certain distinction from the two. The M-DSA is can allows for pilots to identify at further distances through extended range picture-in- picture capability. Equipped with near infrared alongside with their high performing color imagery on cockpit displays. Providing a high-tech eye-safe laser pointer to be able to coordinate troops on ground in urban environments or while conducting home station training. Along with range vision the M-TADS/PNVS enhances precision engagement while allowing higher pilot capabilities for precise mission completion during all time of day and in horrible weather conditions.

With great success, Lockheed Martin has been able to deliver more than 1350 systems to date and has been distributed in more than 15 countries per company’s officials. Lockheed Martin continues to be play an enormous roll in the aviation industry employing over 98,000 people all around the world.  Continue to reside its headquarters in Bethesda Maryland, Lockheed Martin is a leading company that “principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration, and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products, and services.”

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flight simulator

The U.S. Air Force training and simulation experts have recommended upgrading flight simulators for Boeing E-3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircrafts in order to match the upgraded cockpit avionics to assist pilot training. A $38.8 million dollar contract has been announced by officials of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

The recipient is L-3 Communications Corp for an upgraded AWACS flight simulator. Part of the AWACS for Diminishing Manufacturing Sources Replacement of Avionics for Global Operations and Navigation (DRAGON) Flight Crew Training System (FCTS) program, the contract requires L-3 Link to provide one government-owned AWACS DRAGON FCTS. Aimed at upgrading the cockpits of E-3 Sentry AWACS aircrafts, the AWACS DRAGON program will replace the old analog avionics with five modern commercially available digital multicolor graphic displays in order to adequately provide the AWACS crew with navigation, customizable engine, and increased situational awareness data. It will also eliminate the need for an AWACS navigator position and reduce the crew size down to three from four.

Everything will stay the same. Other important avionics upgrades will include a weather radar, engine instruments and crew alert system. Officials anticipate the 24 updated E-3s to be ready by 2025. L-3 Link is expected to complete the work in Arlington, Texas and has estimated that they will be finished by June of 2020.

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thales flytlink global aircraft

Orlando, Florida holds a very exciting project from Thales Flytlink. Thales Flytlink’s original headquarters is located within France, that’s where it all started. Flytlink is the one who provides for Flight Deck Avionics and Passenger Connectivity. The whole purpose of Flytlink is to provide a larger range of global aviation connectivity solutions. Communication will exceed excellence with Flytlink. Communications in cockpits are going to be excellent due to Flytlinks availability to enhance iridium satellite. Not only is Flytllink great for communication skills, it will also provide much more safety for pilots.

The first time Flytlink was put out for exhibition was in Orlando, Florida at the National Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition. Customers of Flytlink will be ensured a lot of safety from the product as it will ensure safety features as well as the best communication for flight. All of the types of planes ready to be equipped with Flytlink are commercial transport, business jets, military aircraft, as well as rotorcrafts, and unnamed aircrafts.

Flytlink works hand in hand with Iridium Certus, and will have access WO 66 satellites all over the world, making communication bigger than ever. 2018 is the year that expected Flytlink will be paired up with Iridium Certus. Some examples of safety features that Flytlink will provide are: optional flight data streaming, push to talk voice, ACARS, electronic flight bag pairing, real time weather, active aircraft tracking, secure Wi-Fi, flight crew scheduling, aircraft monitoring, aircraft tracking, and much more.

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airbus helibras Naval combat H225M helicopter

Airbus Helicopters is the largest industry regarding helicopter deliveries. it is part of the Airbus group. Airbus Helicopter have teamed up with Helibras, they both are introducing the first Airbus Helicopter H225M in naval combat version. This is a huge step for the, it promises to hold the first aircraft in naval combat which is a big step for them. It is going to be a very big step toward a more successful operation system for them. This brand new H225M version is so unique. They have the expectation of it meeting with the requirements for the Brazilian Navy.

The requirements for the Brazilian navy are so hard to meet and are very competitive within the industry, this can have a lot of addition to their reputation because they are being compared to one of the best navy groups. They are planning to have anti surface warfare and maritime surveillance. It will be the first H255M to be delivered to the Brazilian navy in 2018, that is a very soon time. they are making a lot of progress which has been helpful with keeping their high reputation going.

Helibras oversees the assembly of this H225M which makes them seem very reliable and experienced. They are promising a big responsibility. It was mentioned that the they are planning to integrate mission equipment “flight line activities and industrial acceptance” this is planning on happening in2018, and they are prepared to meet very high expectations. By 2020 they are planning to achieve 50% of national content. This is a big step for them and a big promise to make. I am cannot agree nor disagree to whether this is going to happy but all what can be done now is wait until 2020 to see if they are able to manage to meet their promises. In addition to the great accomplishments Helibras has accomplished, they have developed over 37 Brazilian companies.

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bell huey helicopter

On September 29th, 2016, Dominic Perry wrote an article for Flight Global talking about how Kenya is going to take delivery on five remanufactured Bell Helicopter Huey II rotorcrafts. These Huey II rotorcrafts have a worth of over $50 million. This was a contracted that was awarded to Kenya on September 26th. There are also various spare parts and training that is bundled up into this deal.

In terms of the remanufacturing, Bell will be reusing fuselages but also added new tail and main rotors. In addition to this Bell will be adding new modified engines and gearboxes.

Kenya plans to take delivery in late 2017 in December. This was confirmed by the US Department of Defense in a contract notification.

In addition to these five Huey II rotorcrafts, Bell says that there are another 15 of these rotorcrafts that are actively being negotiated.

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predator airborne missile test

On August 16, 2016 San Diego experienced a major event. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. accomplished a tracking missile test under a contract that supported missile defense from a legit agency. There were two unmanned aircrafts that had Raytheon multi-spectral targeting systems that sighted a ballistic missile target and acted on the US Navy vessels. The reason this test was very important was due to the practice needed on adequacy to defeat missile defense.

The predator aircraft used in this missile defense practice is precise at lasting a long time in flight and able to submerge into medium high elevation. A great asset that is accompanied by this aircraft is the ability that it has to targeting the threats. This aircraft has an eagle eye for monitoring the opposing side and missions. Honeywell is to thank for the amazing turboprop engine secured inside the aircraft. 45,000 feet is the all-time high elevation that the Honeywell engine allows the predator to reach. 4 parts of the government are familiar with this turbo jet aircraft: the U.S. Airforce, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, NASA, as well as some NATO countries.

The Pacific Dragon was a test ran on the coast located in Kauai, Hawaii. The Pacific Dragon is an occurrence of practice participated between the U.S. Navy, Japan Maritime, and republic of Korea Navy. This event is utilized to practice and perfect missile defense and better the eye for targets. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. is supportive in catering aircrafts and equipment that are up to speed on targeting the enemy.

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