Rolls-Royce Holdings, a British multinational aerospace company, is currently making a bid to displace General Electric (GE) and Pratt & Whitney as the engine supplier for the new Airbus A380 aircraft for Emirates, a Dubai-based airline. Securing Emirates as a customer for Rolls-Royce’s Trent 900 A380 engine would be a huge success for the company, as the Gulf airline is one of the largest buyers of the A380 passenger plane in the world. Airbus, which has not booked any new buyers for the A380 aircraft since 2012, has been relying on Emirates airlines for approximately half the total aircraft orders. With this in mind, overtaking major suppliers GE and Pratt & Whitney as the engine supplier would catapult Rolls-Royce to the top of the aerospace engine industry. According to Rolls-Royce CEO, the company considers itself very well-positioned in the competition for Emirates’ business.

The Rolls-Royce Trent 900, although smaller than the engines of its direct competitors, has acquired a broad and notable range of customers, which include airlines such as British Airways, Deutsche Lufhansa AG, and Qantas Airways. Rolls-Royce, despite some recent job cuts, is still the second-largest aircraft and engine manufacturer in the industry. Their engines currently power the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 planes and they are looking for expansion. Rolls-Royce is a major manufacturer and designer of civil and military aero engines, marine propulsion systems, and power generation equipment. The company is ranked 16th on the list of largest defense contractors based on defense revenues. Rolls-Royce reports annual revenue in excess of 15.5 billion pounds, with 1.83 billion pounds in operating income. The company employs approximately 55,200 people.

ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP NSN Parts, specializes in the distribution of aerospace products around the world for both commercial, civil, and military applications. We work with Rolls-Royce to ensure we carry the most highly-demanded spare parts for your aircraft requirements. Browse our capabilities on and contact us today at for a quote.

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On September 18, 2014, General Dynamic’s Information Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics, was awarded a contract by the United States Navy. Valued at $16.2 Million, the contract calls for General Dynamics to manufacture and product Type-3 Advanced Mission Computers (AMC) specifically designed for the Super Hornet aircraft F/A-18E/A-18G. This carrier-based multirole fighter is used for air-to-air and air-to-surface combat.Due to the aircrafts high intensity use, the Type-3 Advanced Mission Computers will be designed to withstand extreme conditions while maintaining accuracy and productivity. Updated features include extreme environment protection, high-performance processing, and the ability to handle high-speed data rates from multiple aircraft sensors. General purpose, input/output, video, voice and graphics processing will also be achieved through the AMC’s integrated information processing system. Work of these units will be completed at the General Dynamics facility in Bloomington, Minnesota with an estimated completion date of March 2016.

General Dynamics Corporation is one of the top 100 contractors of the United States Government. Since its creation in 1899, this aerospace and defense company serves the worldwide market including the governments of different nations. The company produces various defense and military products, with their most famous being the F-16 fighter jet. General Dynamics Corporation is head quartered in West Falls Church, Virginia, employs over 92,000 people, and has met yearly revenues of over $31 Billion. Many well-known companies have been acquired by General Dynamics Corporation including: Gulfstream, Teledyne Vehicle Systems, GM Defense, Spectrum Astro, and Jet Aviation.

ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP-NSN Parts, strives to be a premier distributor of all General Dynamics Corporation parts that support both commercial and US military applications. We carry a comprehensive inventory of parts as well as the database and procurement capabilities to help you meet all your requirements. Contact us today at

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In October 2013, the British defense company, BAE Systems, was awarded with a one year minimum, $688 Million contract which called for the production of M109A7 Howitzer. Granted by the United States Army, the contract’s main purpose is to replace the previously used M109A6 Paladin Self-Propelled Howitzers. The new M109A7 has significant upgrades over the M109A6 Paladin as the unit will have more space, less weight, power cooling, and more capabilities with current technology.

On November 3rd, 2014 BAE Systems was once again given a contract by the United States Government but this time as a follow on contract of the October 2013 contract. Worth a total of approximately $142 Million, the new contract calls for BAE Systems to produce 18 more vehicle sets. The sets include 18 M109A7 Howitzers and 18 carrier ammunition, tracked vehicles. As the current contract is the first of three option year awards, once all options have been implemented, the United States Army will end up purchasing 66.5 vehicle sets plus spares, kits, and technical documentation. BAE Systems expects to have full range production at the Anniston Army Depot in Alabama, BAE’s facility in York, Pennsylvania, and also at the company’s facility in Elgin, Oklahoma.

The United States Army can expect a delivery date of the first M109A7 in early 2015. BAE Systems plc is a British company specializing in multinational defense, security, and aerospace. Headquartered in London, the Publically Limited Company employees over 88,000 people worldwide and has met over $22 Billion in yearly revenues. The company is ranked as one of the top 100 United States Government contractors primarily providing services and solutions in Defense and Aerospace.

ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP-NSN Parts, strives to be a premier distributor of all BAE Systems parts that support both commercial and US military applications. We carry a comprehensive inventory of parts as well as the database and procurement capabilities to help you meet all your requirements. Contact us today at

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The Pilatus PC-12 turboprop has been highly successful since its initial certification back in 1994. The aircraft designed and manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft, boasts extreme flexibility, utility, and versatility. The cabin can be filled with passengers or cargo at high fuel-efficiency. With the rising cost of fuel, the benefit of having a single power plant instead of two makes this aircraft very desirable. Pilatus has had over 200 orders for the latest model of this aircraft. The PC-12 really has no real direct competition. Its closest competitor is the Beech King Air B200, which has two PT-6 engines instead of one. With that being said, the PC-12 is really in a niche all on its own. It is very unique in having a fast, pressurized short/rough field, single-engine turboprop.

The major upgrades that took place in the newest models were the flat-panel avionics, a much-needed modification for its primary use as an executive transport. In addition, there are close to a dozen other substantial upgrades that have been incorporated into the new models, which are aimed at keeping the aircraft up to pace with technological advancements in the aerospace industry and also to maintain the profitability and success of the aircraft. Pilatus Aircraft is a Swiss-based aircraft manufacturer that employs over 1,400 people.

Pilatus is a modest mid-cap size company that was founded in 1939 with a primary focus in fixed-wing aircraft, a focus it still maintains today. During wartime periods, the company has been known to design and manufacture significant amounts of military aircraft for both the Swiss Air Force along with the USAF, although their core competency is undoubtedly in business and civil aircraft. ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP NSN Parts, specializes in the distribution of aerospace products around the world for both commercial, civil, and military applications. We work with Pilatus Aircraft to ensure we carry the most highly-demanded spare parts for your aircraft requirements. Browse our capabilities on and contact us today at for a quote.

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Bell Helicopter Textron was founded in July of 1935. This company’s legacy began under the name Bell Aircraft Corporation by founder Larry Bell. The company was founded just prior to World War II and in 1942, their first full size helicopter, the Model 30, took flight.  From there they began their success in civil and military aviation. Today, they are headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas with their Chief Executive Officer John Garrison leading the way. Bell Helicopter has additional plant locations in Amarillo, Texas and Mirabel, Canada. Bell Helicopter is ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100:2009 Rev. C registered. According to the financial reports of 2013 Bell Helicopter was reported to earn revenue of $12,104 million. Bell Helicopter manufactures multiple helicopters. Each helicopter has its own purpose. They are broken down by category:
  • Mission Applications - Corporate, HEMS, Oil & Gas and Parapublic
    • Bell 206L4
    • Bell 407
    • Bell 429
    • Bell 412
  • Commercial - These helicopters are meant to be reliable, aesthetically pleasing and performance impressive:
    • Bell 206L4
    • Bell 407
    • Bell 407GT
    • Bell 407GX
    • Bell 412
    • Bell 412EPI
    • Bell 429
    • Bell 429WLG
    • Bell 505
    • Bell 525
    • Bell Huey II
    • Pre-Owned Helicopters
  • Military - Their military aircraft are built to help save lives and provide a unit with speed and exceptional performance.
    • Bell Boeing V-22
    • Bell UH-1Y
    • Bell AH-1Z
    • Bell OH-58D
    • Bell V-280
Bell Helicopter services customers in over 120 countries and has delivered over 35,000 helicopters. Studies have shown that nearly 60% of all helicopters produced around the world are produced by Bell Helicopter. Bell has the ability to hold onto the market because they own 50 US patents. Forecasting the future success of this company, Textron made the decision to purchase Bell Aerospace in 1960 and in January of 1976 Bell renamed their company to Bell Helicopter Textron. Textron is a billion dollar publicly traded company under the symbol TXT. As of July 2014, stock was sold at $37.71. In 2013, their revenue was listed at $3.506 billion US. Textron is an S&P 500 Company who also owns companies like Cessna, Greenlee, Jacobson and others. Recently, Bell announced that they will be assisting Team Valor in designing and manufacturing a new helicopter named the Bell V-280 Valor™, replacing 2,000 to 4,000 medium class attack helicopters for the U.S. Army and the Department of Defense. Team Valor consists of leading aerospace companies working together to fulfill the needs of the U.S. Army. Some of the companies included on Team Valor are EATON, Lockheed Martin, Lord, Meggitt, MOOG and more. Currently the U.S. helicopter fleet cruises at 140 knots and the new aircrafts are to be increased to 230+ knots. It will carry crews of 4 and 11 troops, carry up to 12,000+ lbs and maintain a combat range of 500-800nm. This fleet is estimated to take its first flight in 2017. This new project, along with many others will keep Bell Helicopter in business for years to come.

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Piper Aircraft, Inc. is a general aviation aircraft manufacturer located in Vero Beach, Florida. The company was originally called the Taylor Brothers Aircraft Manufacturing Company but was renamed after William T. Piper purchased the company in 1937. In December 2011, Piper came under the direct ownership of the government of the Brunei Ministry of Finance. Remaining a privately held company, Piper Aircraft has met over $160 million in yearly revenues. The company has produced over 140,000 aircraft in 160 certified models, out of the 140,000 only 90,000 are still in operation. As a general aviation aircraft manufacturer, Piper Aircraft, Inc. produces smaller sized airplanes. The largest aircraft the company ever produced was the the Piper Cheyenne 400 which is a turboprop aircraft with a length of only 43.4 ft and a wing span of 47.7 ft. The company's current models are the Meridian, Mirage, Matrix, Seneca V, Seminole, Arrow, Archer, and Archer DX. These small 4-6 seat aircraft are used for general, commercial, and business use. Although their current fleet consists of small general-use aircraft, Piper Aircraft, Inc. used to produce many military versions. In the 1940's, throughout World War II, Piper produced military versions of its J-3 Cub as the L-4 Grasshopper.

During this time, 5,941 powered aircraft were produced by Piper Aircraft, Inc. for the US Armed Forces. The company was also contracted to produce training gliders, aircraft components, and steel masts for radar antennas. In the 1950's, Piper Aircraft, Inc. once again won large contracts for military versions of the J-3 Cub due to the Korean War. This time instead of producing the L-4 Grasshopper, the company created the PA-23 Apache for the military to use.

ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP-NSN Parts, strives to be a premier distributor of all Piper Aircraft, Inc. parts that support both commercial and US military applications. We carry a comprehensive inventory of parts as well as the database and procurement capabilities to help you meet all your requirements. Contact us today at

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Serving the world as one of the leading companies in the centrifugal pump industry, the Carver Pump Company has made it their priority to produce and manufacture solid, straightforward designs engineered to provide many years of lasting value and service. The Carver Pump Company started building their first pumps in the year of 1938 and since then, has developed their operations to include some of the most innovative pump development software and manufacturing equipment available. They are focused on obtaining the highest quality possible, both in their products as well as in their employees’ work. The Carver Pump Company was one of the first pump companies in America to receive ISO 9001:2008 Certification, a quality management standard which is designed to ensure that all of their products meet the needs of their customers. The Carver Pump Company has traditionally built pumps for oil, chemicals, and water for both the private and public sectors.

Today, the Carver Pump Company offers a wide range of products for a variety of different applications. Some of these products include both vertical and horizontal end suction, axial slit case, API, self-priming, multistage, and solids-handling pumps, all of which are engineered to create the most reliable and cost-effective products. For flows up to 9,000 gallons per minute, the Carver Pump Company offers their API Maxum series which is designed for handling hydrocarbons in refining and process industry applications. For depths up to 22 feet, the Carver Pump Company offers vertical sump pumps through their GVS Series, which is a vertical wet pit pump used to handle water, acid, and alkaline solutions. For naval and marine applications, Carver’s M Series offers a pump which can handle flows of seawater, freshwater, and light hydrocarbons up to 5,000 gallons per minute.

The Carver Pump Company offers a selection of pump products which can be applied in a variety of different functions. The Carver Pump Company is capable of engineering products that meet the most demanding military standards and engineering specifications in the world. All of these Carver Pump Company’s products are backed by their extensive aftermarket support division. Regardless of your location, the Carver Pump Company is capable of responding to your needs; through the utilization of their internationally established network of certified service centers, manufacturer’s representatives, and stocking distributors, the Carver Pump Company has affirmed their presence throughout the entire globe in order to readily support your aftermarket needs. No matter where your Carver Pump is installed, there are local sales people and service technicians prepared to respond to your questions and needs.

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Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Parker Hannifin is a manufacture of motion and control technology products. The company was founded by Arthur L. Parker and started out as a general appliance manufacture. After going bankrupt in 1919, Arthur L. Parker restarted the company in 1924, focusing on pneumatic/hydraulic components and serving the automotive and aviation industry. Parker Hannifin is now a publically traded company that has over 300 manufacturing sites, 58,000 employees, and is a Fortune 500 company. Parker Hannifin’s large volume and variety of products span worldwide, allowing the company to achieve over $13 Billion in revenue in 2013.As one of the largest companies in the motion control technology industry, Parker Hannifin is divided into seven operating groups: Aerospace, Automation, Filtration, Fluid Connectors, Hydraulics, Instrumentation, and Engineered Materials. Their products, which include Aerospace Systems and Technologies, Air Preparation and Dryers, Cylinder and Actuators, EMI Shielding, Fittings, Valves, and Seals, are utilized by general consumers, businesses, and OEMs. Parker Hannifin is also a well-known manufacture for products that meet specific government specifications.

The company has been awarded several Government Contracts for the manufacture and logistics of parts and equipment. In July of 2013, Parker Hannifin was awarded an $181,700,000 government contract by the Defense Logistics Agency for wheel equipment, parts and assemblies. Using military services included the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Defense Logistics Agency. In August of 2013, The Defense Logistics Agency awarded a $238.05 million federal contract to Parker Hannifin for several aviation weapon systems. Using military services included the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Defense Logistics Agency.

ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP-NSN Parts, strives to be a premier distributor of all Parker Hannifin parts that support both commercial and US military applications. We carry a comprehensive inventory of parts as well as the database and procurement capabilities to help you meet all your requirements. Contact us today at

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Headquartered in Wilmington, Massachusetts, Ametek Aerospace and Defense is a leading designer and manufacture of electronic components and electromechanical devices catering to the civil and military aerospace industries.
The Aerospace and Defense Division of the Pennsylvania-based Ametek parent company produces engineered solutions for the business jets (lightweight through intercontinental), regional aircraft (turboprop and regional jets), UAV helicopters and trainers, ocean vessels, military vehicles (tracked and wheeled), and space (launch vehicle, shuttle craft, and satellite) markets. For the fiscal year 2013, the parent company Ametek reported sales of US$3.6 billion.In the past year, Ametek acquired a number of technologically-inclined companies to improve its offerings capabilities:
  • Sunpower, Inc. (stirling-cycle machinery)
  • Crystal Engineering (pressure calibrators, digital test gauge, and other monitoring equipment)
  • Creaform (handheld scanners for reverse engineering and 3D scanning)
  • Teseq Group (electromagnetic capability testing)
  • VTI Instruments (high-precision testing equipment)
Ametek Aerospace and Defense’s portfolio of products includes the following brands:
  • Aircontrol: Aircontrol Technologies develops the Aircrew Ground Conditioning Unit (AGCU) for the Eurofighter Typhoon, ensuring the crew’s thermal comfort by maintaining a mixture of ethylene glycol/de-ionised water to individualized temperatures for each crew member’s Liquid Conditioning Garments (LCG). Aircontrol also manufactures the Liquid Conditioning Generation Unit (LCGU) for the Typhoon.
  • Airscrew: Airscrew develops heating and cooling systems for military vehicles. Notable uses of Airscrew systems includes the GKN Warrior infantry fighting vehicle, the Challenger main battle tank, and the Chieftain Cruiser tank.
  • Amphion: Amphion Solid State Power Controllers (SSPC) offers a substantial amount of load and wire protection for avionics systems.
  • Gulton Statham: Gulton Statham provides reliable position sensors for aircraft engines, flight control exteriors, and landing gear position monitoring systems via its line of LVDT Position Transducers that meet the standards of MIL-STD-810 and MIL-E-5400. Gulton Statham also provides Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) pressure transducers for high shock and vibration situations, tested to MIL-STD-461F, DO-160E and D6-16050-5 requirements.
  • Hughes-Treitler: The Hughes Treitler family of airframe heat exchangers are implemented in the Bell 609 nacelle coller assemblies, the Boeing 737/757/767/787 natural convection hydraulics, the Boeing Apache AH-64D ECS condenser and crew station evaporators, the Grumman F-14 hydraulic oil coolers, the Lockheed Martin F-16 multi-circuit fuel/oil coolers, the Northrop Grumman B-2 fuel to hydraulic/oil coolers, the Sikorsky CH-53 engine and transmission oil coolers, and the Sino Sweringen SJ-30 anti-icing pre-coolers.
  • Rotron: The Rotron line of AC and brushless DC fans and blowers and cooling systems are ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100:2004 approved. Specific products includes vaneaxial and tubeaxial fans, centrifugal and radial blowers, electronic and fault detection devices, and motor and drive systems. Rotron is qualified to fly on Boeing 737/747/757/767/777, Canadair Challenger 601, Cessna Citation X, Dassault Falcon 10/20/50/200/900/2000, Gulfstream IV/V, Learjet 45/60, Dornier 328, Embraer EMB 145/120, and Airbus 300-600/340-2/300.
  • Total Air Probe: The Total Air Probe family of Total Air Temperature (TAT) Sensors measures for total and static pressure (millibars), temperature (Celsius), angle of attack (degrees), and BIT (built-in test) status in aircraft by using a single ARINC 429 connection.
  • Turbo-Mass: The motorless 8TJ126 Mass Fuel Flowmeters operates with at least +0.5% level of calibration accuracy, and is certified to work on a number of aircraft engine systems with flow ranges up to 42,000 pph.
Ametek Aerospace and Defense employs a 155,000-strong workforce in the following domestic facilities:
  • Wichita, Kansas
  • Costa Mesa, California
  • El Cajon, CA
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Harleysville, Pennsylvania
  • Wilmington, Massachusetts
  • Binghamton, New York
  • Woodstock, New York
  • Garden City, New York
Ametek also has international manufacturing presences in:
  • Reynosa, Mexico
  • Sunbury, UK
Via our proprietary website ASAP NSN Parts, ASAP Semiconductor is a premiere supplier of Ametek components. Potential clients can browse our expansive stock of both obsolete and current-production Ametek parts ranging from weld assemblies, actuator arms, flange assemblies, chassis assemblies, indicators, and more at Please feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales staff at for a pricing quote.

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Textron, an industrial conglomerate that includes big-name aerospace companies such as Bell Helicopter and Cessna Aircraft, has also recently agreed to acquire Beechcraft as of December 26, 2013, in a deal valued at $1.4 billion. This sale, which was concluded in the beginning of 2014, also includes the discontinued Hawker jet product line. Textron has quieted critics that proclaimed the company the already too far in debt to acquire the Beechcraft business, which had over $3 billion in debt alone. This would bring Textron’s debt load past $4.4 billion, in addition to the $1.1 billion in loans that would be required to finance the sale.Although this does seem like bad news for shareholders, the acquisition is already looking like it will pay dividends in the long run. Beechcraft was just awarded a $127 million contract to the New Zealand Ministry of Defence in which it will supply 11 T-6C turboprop trainer aircraft as well as ground simulators, with delivery scheduled for 2016.

The new planes will not only replace the leased Beechcraft King Air B200s, they also win out over the domestically-made CT-4E trainer jets that are currently used by the New Zealand Air Force. This signifies a big step for Beechcraft as it has secured its position in the New Zealand market and is on track to increase revenues, meaning a big win for its parent company Textron as well. Although, $127 million only represents 1% of Textron’s annual revenue, which may not sound like much, everything counts. This is due to the fact that the US is making drastic cuts in defense spending and defense contractors at home are already feeling the pinch. Every contract won abroad would greatly help offset the effect of budget cuts at home. With Beechcraft in prime market position for the next few years and with several more in the works, Textron is aiming for a nice return on its investment. Textron, founded in 1923, is a publicly-traded S&P 500 Component company that generates over $3.5 billion in annual revenue and $242 million in annual net income. It currently employs approximately 33,000 people globally. Divisions of subsidiaries of Textron include the following: Bell Helicopter, Cessna, E-Z-Go, Grenlee, Jacobsen, Kautex Textron, Textron Airland, Textron Aviation, and Textron Systems.

ASAP Semiconductor, through ourproprietary website ASAP NSN Parts, offers a large inventory of  as well as procurement capabilities for all Textron products, including their subsidiaries. We work closely with these companies to ensure receive Tier 1 pricing and can pass on the savings to our clients. Visit our website at and contact us today at .

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Cargotec, as you would think based on its company name, provides cargo material and equipment for cargo traffic ships, ports, terminals and more. They were originally founded in 1977 under the name Multilift Group. After a series of acquisitions, Cargotec was formed as a result of the de-merger of Kone Corporation from Cargotec in June 2005, forming a new KONE Corporation and Cargotec. KONE is made up of three business groups: Hiab, Kalmar and MacGregor. Hiab is the division in charge of whole load handling, spare parts and services.

The Kalmar division is in charge of container handling, heavy lift trucks and terminal tractors. MacGregor is in charge of improving shipping and cargo safety. Today, Cargotec is available in over 100 countries and employ over 11,000 people worldwide. They are headquarted in Helsinki, Finland with Chief Executive Officer Mika Vehviläinen leading the way. As listed on the 2013 annual reports, Cargotec’s sales totaled over 3.2 billion EUR.

Because the company is broken down into divisions, products can only be purchased through a specific division. The products available are broken down as such:

-          Hiab:

  • They provide a multitude of spare parts for loader cranes, forestry cranes, demountables, truck mounted forklifts and tail lift cargo equipment and more.

-          Kalmar

  • They provide a multitude of spare parts for automated stacking cranes, forklift trucks, master container handlers, rough terrain handlers, RTG cranes, shuttle carriers, terminal tractors and more.

-          MacGregor

  • This division handles bulk handling equipment, cargo cranes, lashing bridges, moorex onboard mooring system, port and terminal infrastructure and RoRo equipment.

No other single competitor of Cargotec can provide end-to-end solutions for cargo equipment. They strive to meet customer needs and will continue to lead the industry integrated solutions.

ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP NSN Parts, distributes a large inventory of Cargotec parts for the commercial markets. We carry a comprehensive inventory of Cargotec parts and provide a 24/7 database to procure any we do not have. If you have a requirement for any of these parts, contact us today at and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.

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Ingersoll Rand Co. Began their journey in 1871. They began under Ingersoll Rock Drill Company is formed and later merged with a Sergeant Drill company in 1888 to from Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Company. Finally, in 1905 they merged with the Rand Drill Company to form the current Ingersoll Rand Company. One year later they were listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol IR. Along the years they have acquired over 20 companies. They operate 67 plants worldwide and have their headquarters located in Davidson, North Carolina, United States. The current CEO of Ingersoll Rand is Michael W. Lamach. He received a Bachelor of Engineering from Michigan State University and a Masters in Business Administration from Duke University School of Business. As of December 2013 they were looking at revenues exceeding $12,350 million dollars and their stock can currently be purchased at $59.60 per share. Ingersoll Rand Co. Focuses on improving comfort and quality of air in homes and buildings, transportations of perishable items, and increasing overall productivity and efficiency. With over one hundred years in the business, it’s no wonder they are a company’s customers have learned to trust. They have multiple brands and subsidiaries which include:

  • American Standard
  • ARO
  • Dresser Rand
  • Nexia Home Intelligence
  • Thermo King
  • Trane
  • And More

One of their popular brands as stated above is Trane which focuses on indoor environment which includes efficient heating, ventilating, air conditioning systems and more for both residential and commercial locations. They have the ability to make housing, filtration systems that can remove up to 99.98 percent of particle in the air. They are said to be 1000 times more effective than the standard one inch filters. They manufacture products which include:

  • Air Handling Systems: Air Cleaning Options, Performance Air Handlers and more
  • Chillers: Air-Cooled Chillers, Water Cooled Chillers, Absorption Liquid Chillers and more
  • Dedicated Air Solutions: Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems
  • Ductless Products: Variable Refrigerant Volume (Advantage VRF)
  • Unitary Products: Rooftop Systems, Water Source Heat Pumps, Variable Air Volume and more

Trane offers products that are indoor air quality, or AIQ, assured. The Catalytic Air Cleaners use a photocatalytic oxidation process. This means that UV light rays and TiO2 coated filter are combined to create super-oxide ions. These ions aggressively combine with bacteria and other volatile organic compounds to then supercharge and oxidize the pollutant. The pollutants break down into carbon dioxide or water molecules making the air cleaner.

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Aerofit, LLC was founded in 1968 by Robert F. Peterjohn. The company began its legacy with a single Clausing engine lathe, which is a part that is used to rotate a tool used particularly for an engine. Over the years, their product line has grown. The machining of products and the finishing of most products is done in house. Aerofit Products and APT, a hydro-mechanical testing laboratory established in 1972, remained in the Peterjohn family until 2004. That year Aerofit was sold to Jordan Law and Dave Werner. The company currently resides in Fullerton, California in a 67,000 square ft. building.

Today Aerofit, LLC. manufactures a diverse line of products for a wide range of applications and programs. One of the products that Aerofit carries are standard hydraulics. These standard hydraulics come in different shapes which includes straight shapes, tee shapes, elbow shapes, and cross shapes. They are also available in multiple materials and end types. Aerofit’s SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) fitting fluid systems use a Tinel characteristic, which allows the alloy to change its shape as it is heated and cooled. It has up to 8% elasticity. These fitting systems are more cost efficient to install and are much more user friendly than the traditional brazing or welding. Aerofit also carries the brand CryoFit. CryoFit couplings and CryoFit fittings are similar in material and memory characteristics, except that they are used to join aerospace tubing. These fitting systems have over 39 years of exceptional leak free performance.

ASAP Semiconductor is a well known distributor of all Aerofit parts, boasting a comprehensive inventory of both current and obsolete product lines as well as the capabilities to procure any parts we do not have. If you have a demand for these parts, please contact us today at and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.

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OMEGA Engineering Inc. was founded in 1962. Their success began with manufacturing thermocouples, which is a temperature regulating device typically found on devices like thermostats, gas powered appliances, flame sensors and more.  Today OMEGA offers over 100,000 products used to regulate such things as humidity, pressure, flow, and pH levels. OMEGA products can be applied to a multitude of industries, which includes the automation, environmental, process control, test and measurement, lab equipment, wireless industries and more. Products are calibrated and tested in a quality control test center. In order to satisfy customer needs, they have received an ISO9001 Quality certification. They also offer an above standard warranty with a “Loaner Program” which allows them to send customers replacement products while their device is being serviced and no cost for 1year.

As stated, OMEGA carries a multitude of products, some of which include:

  • Automation: Enclosures, Pilot Devices , Relays & Timers, Sensors and Transducers and More
  • Data Acquisition: Digital I/O Boards/Cards, Ethernet & USB Systems, Input Boards/Cards, Output Boards/Cards and More
  • Electric Heaters: Air & Duct Heaters, Cartridge Heaters, Circulation Heaters, Immersion Heaters, Radiant Heaters, Strip Heaters, Tubular Heaters and More
  • Flow & Level: Air Velocity, Paddle Wheel & Positive Displacement, Ultrasonic/Doppler, Vortex Shedding & Pitot Tube and More
  • Temperature: Controllers, Ice Point References, Infrared Measurement, Relative Humidity, Superconductivity & Cryogenics, Timers & Counters and More
  • pH & Conductivity: Conductivity, Dissolved, Electrodes, Instrumentation, Industrial, Oxygen, Water and Soil
  • and More

The staff at OMEGA is dedicated and filled with qualified people which include scientists, technicians, engineers and more. OMEGA offers quality products and manufacture products in state of the art facilities.

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP NSN Parts, distributes a large inventory of OMEGA Engineering Inc. parts for the commercial markets. We carry a comprehensive inventory of OMEGA Engineering Inc. parts and provide a 24/7 database to procure any we do not have. If you have a requirement for any of these parts, contact us today at  and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.

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Teledyne Reynolds Inc. is a division within Teledyne Technologies, which is a manufacturing firm that focuses on providing materials for the aerospace, industrial, medical, and military industries, among others. The company is currently publicly-traded at the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TDY, with stock prices at $95.30 as of May 2013. Teledyne Technology operates under four major segments: Aerospace and Defense Electronics, Digital Imaging, Engineered Systems and Instrumentation. Teledyne Reynolds Inc. falls under the aerospace and defense category of Teledyne Technologies. Teledyne Reynolds was founded in 1948 out of Culver City California. Since then, the headquarters has moved to Thousand Oaks, California and the company has divided into three divisions, a subsidiary in the US and manufacturing subsidiaries in the UK and Switzerland. The three divisions developed have been titled Connector Products Division, Electro-Ceramic Products Division and the Capacitor Products Division. They specialize in high voltage interconnectors and custom interconnector designs.

Teledyne Reynolds Inc. strives to carry the highest quality products. Some of the products that they manufacture include:

  • Ceramic to Metal Brazed Connectors
  • High Voltage Capacitors
  • High Voltage Multipliers
  • HV Wire and Cable
  • Hybrid HV Fiber Optic Connectors
  • Spark Gaps (Gas filled Tubes)
  • Specialty Products
  • And More

Currently, products under spotlight, literally, are their new ALPHABEAM® LED lighting options. LED lighting allows for longer exterior lighting life. It also conserves more energy, requires little maintenance, and can tolerate harsher aviation environments.  These lights are FAA-PMA approved and are a patented technology for Teledyne Reynolds Inc.

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP NSN Parts, distributes a large inventory of Teledyne Reynolds Inc parts for the commercial markets. We carry a comprehensive inventory of Teledyne Reynolds Inc. parts and provide a 24/7 database to procure any we do not have.

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Korry Electronics is an Esterline owned company was founded in 1937 by former Boeing engineer, Boris Korry. They specialize in switches, indicators, displays, filters, lighting and more. Esterline is a manufacturing company that specializes in aerospace and defense industries. In their first quarter of the fiscal year for 2014 they have earnings of $30.1 million and 505 million in sales. They supply parts for defense, aerospace and other industries. With a company being this large is only natural for them to take advantage of other principle markets which is why they own Korry Electronics.

Currently Korry Electronics owns a 216,000 square foot high bay building on 14 acre property. With over 60 years of experience customers know that Korry is a company they can depend on. They are ISO-9001 registered and are internationally recognized in the aerospace industry with an AS9100:2009 Rev C. certification. They are even certified to Boeing’s D-19000 quality program. Korry manufactures products that include:
  • Cockpit Controls
  • Display Modules
  • Indicators
  • Knobs
  • Nightshield® Plastic NVIS Filters
  • Switches
  • And More

Just a little information on the Nightshield® Plastic NVIS filters is that they are proprietary to Korry. They have over 20 year of experience in this technology. These filters can be used in any light source and are available in a variety of colors. They have been used on a pilot’s equipment, goggles and even iPads. These filters have been designed for extreme temperatures ranging from -55 to +85 degrees Celsius. They are flexible and can be hand cut to fit nearly any unit.

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP NSN Parts, distributes a large inventory of Korry Electronics parts for the commercial markets. We carry a comprehensive inventory of Korry Electronics parts and provide a 24/7 database to procure any we do not have. If you have a requirement for any of these parts, contact us today at and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.

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C&D Aerospace Competence

C&D Aerospace is a leading manufacturer of cabin interiors. In 2005 they were acquired by Zodiac Aerospace. Zodiac Aerospace is a leading distributor in equipment and other systems for commercial and business aircraft and this includes helicopters. A primary focus of theirs is also aircraft safety.  Zodiac Aerospace cabin and structures division is global business that is determined to have the most innovative, safe, modern and comfortable interiors to provide an enjoyable flying experience for their customers. Zodiac Aerospace Cabin and Structured division currently have over 6,000 people employed worldwide. When it comes to cabin structures their philosophy is driven around increasing reliability, simple installation, baggage space and using lightweight materials.

Types of Cabin Airline Interior

The types of cabin airline interior equipment that we offer include:

  • Cabin Furnishing: galleys, closets, curtains, bars, sofas, etc.
  • Interior Architectures: floors, ceilings, overhead bin systems, etc.

They provide these in a multitude of materials and they can provide paint, stain, varnish, upholstery, seats, etc.

The Best in the Market Delivering Cabin Interior Services

Zodiac Aerospace also offers cabin interior services which include integration, which is when an employee can come out to coordinate the layout and offer their expertise. They also offer aftermarket distributions services. The structures part of the division takes advantage of a multitude of advanced molding materials like honeycomb, braided preforms and pregregs. They supply structures for both commercial and military aircrafts.

Which is the Industry Leading Distributor Available for Procuring Zodiac Aerospace Products?

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP NSN Parts, distributes a large inventory of Zodiac Aerospace Cabin Interiors parts for the commercial markets. We carry a comprehensive inventory of Zodiac Aerospace Cabin Interiors parts and provide a 24/7 database to procure any we do not have. If you have a requirement for any of these parts, contact us today at and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.

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Bristol Industries – Delivering Nuts and Screws for Multifarious Industries

Bristol Industries was established in October of 1976. The initial products Bristol began manufacturing were socket-head cap screws for the general industrial market. That same year, Bristol began manufacturing self-locking nuts for Pratt and Whitney, General Electric, Allison Engines and Rolls Royce PLC. Other than Allison Engines being acquired by Rolls Royce in 1995 becoming a subsidiary, the other companies were well established manufacturers. With Bristol having established relationships with the manufacturers mentioned, they were able to establish a relationship with McDonnell Douglas and manufacture airframe nuts and gang channel products for them in 1978. Bristol’s products were used on the F15 and F18 fighter programs. The F18 is a twin-engine supersonic, all-weather carrier- capable multirole combat jet. Its first flight was in November 1978. Bristol Industries soon after began manufacturing airframe nuts for the C-17, DC-10, KC-10, MD-11, MD-80 series and the MD-95 program. Bristol went from only manufacturing screws for attack aircrafts to commercial aircrafts. Their airframe nut product line was able to expand into Boeing Commercial for use on the 727, 737, 747, 757, and 767 programs.

Rich Product Line of Bristol

Today Bristol Industries has the following product lines:

  • Barrel Nut
  • Shank Nut
  • Spline Nut
  • 6 Point
  • Hex Nut
  • Seal Nut
  • 6 or 12 Point
  • 12 Point
  • Gang Channel
  • Anchor Nut
  • Dome Nut

Bristol Highlights

Over the decades Bristol Industries has invested in its manufacturing facilities and has been able to adjust to all of the changing market requirements. Today Bristol Industries has a 170,000 square feet manufacturing facility that manufactures fasteners to meet the always increasing requirements of major aerospace companies. The company is ISO 9001 and EN/JISQ/as 9100 and has been audited in conformance with the requirements of AS 910A for the Manufacture of Aerospace Fasteners.

Trust ASAP Semiconductor for Bristol Products

ASAP Semiconductor is a leading NSN parts distributor and an expert in the Bristol Industries Products. If you have a requirement for any of Bristol products, contact us today at and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.

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A Global Leader in Precision Mechanical Products

Bowmar, serving the aerospace and defense industries, is a preferred choice in electromechanical and electronic systems/subsystems, high-reliability interface products and precision gear assemblies.

Founder of Bowmar is Ed White, an educated electrical engineer from Harvard University who started Bowmar at the age of 23 in 1951 in his Fort Wayne, Indiana garage. Six months later, after investing $3,500 of his own money and borrowing $6,500 the business was moved to an aircraft hangar. In 1971 Bowmar's biggest defining moment came when they produced the world’s first hand-held calculator, the “Bowmar Brain” led in a new frontier of technological advances. After many changes over the six decades, including a period of time the company was known as White Electric Designs Corporation, Bowmar filed for bankruptcy in 1976. However, the company managed to continue by withdrawing from the consumer market and producing precision mechanical devices used in a variety of landmark products; Apollo Lunar Excursion Modules, F-4’s and jet passenger aircrafts.

Bowmar Products in High Demand

In February 2012, the Fort Wayne Daily News reported that the Fort Wayne-based Bowmar LLC was now in business again after being bought by investors in the Main Street Venture Fund. Bowmar’s expertise and reliable products are mainstays in equipment and demanding environments on land, sea and air around the globe; for example, from manual trim panels  on F-16’s that allow pilots to control aircraft yaw, pitch and roll to the audio control panels on Boeing 747s that ensure effective internal communication.

Bowmar’s craftsmanship can also be found in the Virginia Class submarine’s Control and Indicator Unit, which operates and monitors the sonar towed array handling system. Bowmar’s highly skilled team of engineers, designers, assemblers and other staff have served thousands of customers over the years and have supported the needs of some of the world’s leading industries. Bowmar has become a global leader in precision products that are meeting the technological demands and new horizons of the 21st century.

ASAP Semiconductor Offer Bowmar Quality Parts ASAP Semiconductor is a well-known distributor of all Bowmar parts, boasting a comprehensive inventory of both current and obsolete product lines as well as the capabilities to procure any parts we do not have. If you have a demand for these parts, please contact us today at and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.

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Blair Companies: Trusted Source for Custom Signs and More

Blair Companies was founded in 1959 by Donald Devor. Blair Companies is a composition of many companies that have been either established or acquired over the years. Some examples would be Blair Electric and Service Company, Blair Sign Company, Blair Fixtures & Millwork and others. In total Blair contains two-dozen types of businesses. All in all this company specializes in architectural imaging, signs, fixtures and lighting. Collectively, Blair employs over 1,700 employees in their multiple sales offices across the nation. Blair Companies currently manages offices in Birmingham, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Tampa along with North, Central and South America, Asia and other regions across the world. Currently their revenues exceed $430 million.

Superior Quality Products and reliable Services at Best Deals

Blair Companies offers a wide variety of products and services. Some of the products they supply and manufacture are:

  • Signs: includes cabinets, canopies, pylons, monuments, LED solutions, etc.
  • Fixtures: material can include wood, laminate, metal, veneer, etc.
  • Logistics: which includes lighting fixtures, lamps, electrical supplies, construction supplies and more

They make signs for companies like GNC, Red Lobster Seafood Co, FedEx, Bank of America, Rite Aid and more. Some of the services they provide includes:

  • Product Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Installation Services

Eco-friendly Way of Working

One of the great things about Blair Companies is that everything needed to manufacture and design a product can be done in house. They manufacture all of their own parts and require no outsourcing for material.  Like many other companies, they are also focused on maintaining a green initiative and conserving natural resources. This includes using LED lighting, low emission paint, recycling, ensuring that all properties undergo energy audits and efficiency upgrades and more.

Source Blair Products from industry Best Distributer

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP NSN Parts, distributes a large inventory of Blair Companies parts for many markets. We carry a comprehensive inventory of Blair Companies parts and provide a 24/7 database to procure any we do not have. If you have a requirement for any of these products, contact us today at and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.

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