In industries as complex as aerospace and defense, there are countless parts and pieces of machinery in circulation. Manufacturers, buyers, sellers, and so on need to be familiar with each of them to do business. So how do entities in this industry navigate all these parts? One such way is through the NSN code system. An NSN, or National Stock Number, is a unique number given to a part that is commonly used throughout the federal supply system.

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National Stock Numbers or NSNs, are 13-digit serial numbers assigned to all standardized items within the federal supply chain. All components that are used by the U.S Department of Defense are required to have an NSN, the purpose of which is to provide a standardized naming of components. The NSN system can be dated back to WWII when the military would use a specific component that had several different names depending on who supplied or manufactured the component. This made it difficult for the military to locate suppliers, or share items between the different organizational branches. An item could be in short supply in one location, but in surplus in another. To solve this sourcing issue, the Department of Defense created the NSN system.

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The Algerian Air Force has recently placed an order for a dozen Sukhoi (Su-34) “Fullback” fighter bombers from Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association, a Russian aircraft manufacturer, in order to gradually replace their aging fleet of MiG-25s from the Soviet-era. These aging MiG-25s have been patiently awaiting retirement from service as the Algerian Air Force has been undergoing a force modernization program.

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An ejector is a device that is used in the most demanding of applications throughout different industries. An ejector is designed to remove air and other different gases from steam condensers. This process is completed through the suction action of a steam jet. An air ejector or steam ejector system is designed to create a vacuum without moving parts except for a solenoid valve that is used to turn the vacuum on and off. This type of feature translates into trouble-free continuous operation. Ejectors are also designed to operate efficiently for high vacuum and high volumetric flow requirements.

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Avox Systems started off as a small machine workshop in a New York basement of Earle M. Scott. The company started off as a part time manufacturer of airplane door handles, brake cylinders, and tails-kid shoes, to a global leader in aviation life support and safety. The company experienced a major growth at the beginning of World War II as a contractor to the British Government supplying oxygen regulators for fighter aircraft. It was during the early 1950s that AVOX Systems Inc. started supplying emergency oxygen breathing equipment for crew and passengers on the new commercial jet aircraft. Today the company is a subsidiary of Zodiac Aerospace and is a part of the Aircraft Systems Segment and able to provide a complete range of spare parts and repair services for its products.

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