Piaggio Aerospace Takes Plunge Into a Whole New Ball Game

Piaggio aerospace shifts its priorities and investments a whole 360, converting over to another line of work. From being a well-known worldwide MRO company to later transitioning to a supplier of defense and special mission aircrafts. As of July 28th 2016 an Air framer published an industrial plan to help elevate the Piaggio company to becoming a well-known supplier as well as their previous MRO company.

Although Piaggio is experiencing poor sales of their only business aircraft- the Avanti Evo twin-engine turboprop- the company has decided to keep with them and finish their pending orders of 10 aircrafts. Six of the Avanti Evos are continued to be manufactured in their facility located at Piaggios headquarters in Villanova D’Albenga near Genoa, Italy.

Piaggio works hand in hand with their top investors, Mubadala an investment house in Abu Dhabi to help dual investments sky rocket. Mubdala presents the P.1HH Hammerhead development a priority in their long term goals.  The P.1HH being their first of its kind for its company the dual companies agree on shifting directions into UAVs rather than manned aircrafts.

As the Italian Company lands a deal with the United Arab Emritates for 8 P.1HHs, they continue to show interest in Piaggios companies direction and what they have to offer. As the Piaggio shifts gears they have begun to promote and attracts a whole new crowd of customers. “The company says it is “actively seeking buyers of non-core areas” such as its engine and civil maintenance, repair and overhaul business lines which will be sold as “going concerns.”

With Piaggio taking on a whole new line of work but are braced for what they have in store. Chief executive of Piaggio, Carlo Logli explains that they have state of the art equipment and a top of the line military programme dealing with the UAV P.1HH Hammerhead.

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