Flight Tracking Capabilities for Asiana Airlines and Air Busan

Tracking services might not seem too new but this is something that airlines and airplanes have been lacking for quite some time. We have heard of the missing flights that went on in the past few years, having tracking technology on board will not only make the airlines more reliable; but it will make the passengers of the plane including the crew members and the pilots to feel safer.

This is also true for the families of the passengers that are traveling using the airlines and for the crew member’s families that they would feel safer knowing where their families are. Having said that; Asiana Airlines and Air Busan are fully onboard with the idea and they want to Rockwell Collins to supply the airline’s fleets with tracking technology using Arinc MultiLink aircraft.

Rockwell’s tracking technology uses Arinc MultiLink which designed to gather data from the airplane and other sources in order to keep track of the aircraft wherever it travels around the world. This technology depends on Rockwell Collin’s proprietary high-frequency data link (HFDL) performance. Of course, this technology utilizes other aircraft tracking data sources such as aircraft communications addressing and reporting system (ACARS) and others.

This system can also be accessed or be accessed by several surveillance systems that will assure the position of the aircraft even in areas where signals can be very weak and almost none. This is an error correcting system that will require all positions to complement each other.

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