Raytheon Lands Navy Order for Raytheon AIM – 9X Air to Air Missiles

The US Navy Reaches out to the experts at Raytheon for a newer intergraded heat seeking missile. Constructed for as a short range air to air contact through jet fighters and other combat aircrafts. In estimated cost for the overall expenses in the contract round up to be more over a quarter billion dollars.

The contract has is set out to be for Raytheon’s segment that is stationed in Tucson, Arizona. Soon to be home to lot 16 meant for the AIM-9X block II air-to-air missiles for the U.S. Navy, Air Force, Army, and the governments of Japan, Norway, and Taiwan. A total of 160 missiles to be dispersed amongst the US and other countries; US Air Force 429, US Army 7, Taiwan 40, Norway 20, and Japan 4.

The AIM-9X is attracted by the heat of an hot engine exhaust which allows the missile to track on rapidly for shooting down close enemy aircrafts.

The latest version of the AIM-9X is the AIM-9X Block II having lock on after launch power to go hand in hand on F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter and the F-22 Raptor advanced tactical fighter.

Prior to Raytheon’s Huge contract with the US military it had a 491.1 million US dollar contract for the production of the AIM-9X block 15 production. Also maintaining the programs by fixing bugs and relieving them of obsolete components to make it more efficient for AIM-9X Lot 17 and Lot 19 production programs.

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