Boeing Using Google Glass In Order To Build Airplanes

Boeing Using Google Glass

On July 14th, 2016 Nick Statt wrote an article on Boeing and how it is planning to make use of Google’s Glass in order to build airplanes. For those who don’t know what Google Glass is, it is a company that uses augmented reality in order to build airplanes.

The Google Glass seems to not work too well in the consumer market. However, according the report, Boeing is using research and technology in order to build and make wire harnesses. Here is how Statt writes about how wire hardness were mad manually.

“Because planes contain hugely messy and complex webs of wires to connect electrical systems, technicians have to manually build them out, a painstaking process based on PDF assembly guide viewed on a laptop screen.”

In order to fix and replace the computer screen, Boeing mentioned that using the Google glass will be able to reduce production time by 25 percent. Not only will the production time be reduced tremendously, the error rate will be cut in half.

This isn’t the first time that Boeing has used augmented reality glasses for business. The company used AR glasses in 1995. During this time, Boeing was testing the AR with head mounted displays and new software. However because the AR glasses weren’t advanced enough, the company decided to put this idea on the shelf. The AR glasses were a little bigger, bad connectivity, and had a hefty price tag.

Now that the Google Glass has is more affordable and practical, Boeing is trying this option out one more time.

Boeing has reached out to APX Labs which is the maker of the smart glasses platform in order to create an app that will help support the Google Glass.


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