Russian Irkut MC-21 Powered By Pratt & Whitney’s FAA Certified Pure-Power Engine

The new Pure-Power Geared Turbo Fan engine PW1400G-JM is now the third certified engine in Pratt & Whitney’s portfolio. This is certainly a great development in the Pure-Power technology since it has significantly reduced the fuel emissions for a greener environment, as well as the engine noise.

 After over 58,000 cycles and approximately 35,000 hours of testing, the Pure-Power engine has been finally acquired by the Russian jet airliner, MC-21. Launching this engine has set a great competitive edge for Pratt & Whitney since it would save a fortune for Russian IRKUT and other airline customers due to the enhanced fuel combustion efficiency that it provides.

Pratt & Whitney has promised to deliver higher standards with their new engine. Not only that it has improved the fuel efficiency up to 16 percent compared to the best existing engines today, the Pratt & Whitney PurePower has managed to significantly reduce engine noise up to 75% quieter than current available engines. This would benefit the operators to reduce costs from lower noise fees and will increase operations efficiency by optimizing the path of the flight through more accessible runways. The enhanced PW1000G engine family has managed to cut down on carbon emissions by 3,000 tonnes annually per aircraft which makes it 50% cleaner and allowing it to surpass the most rigorous standards for nitrous oxide. All of these design improvements are to save airline operators an estimate of over $1.5 million USD annually per aircraft, compared to the best aircraft existing today.

This is unquestionably a great period for Pratt & Whitney where they are making history in the aviation and aerospace industry. Their research and development investment has placed them in a global leading position in the market in terms of designing, manufacturing and maintaining aircraft engines and auxiliary power units. This is just the beginning in investing in a more fuel efficient, quieter and greener engine, since Pratt & Whitney has only raised the bar amongst its enormous competition like Rolls Royce, GE aviation and many others.


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