US Navy and BAE Systems Deliver 110 APKWS Units to Jordan

The US Navy and BAE Systems delivered 110 advanced precision kill weapons system (APKWS) to Jordan, which makes it the first country to receive the system as an international partner. The APKWS will be used on the Jordanian CASA CN-235 light gunship aircraft. This order was placed back in 2014 through a foreign military sale (FMS).

Al Mousseau, the PMA-242 Direct and Time Sensitive Strike program manager, commented,

APKWS is a versatile, reliable and effective weapon that will enhance Jordan's warfighting capability in the Middle East region. We worked closely with BAE to deliver a strong military capability to our international partner."

The APKWS is a 2.75 inch rocket that has a built in semi-active laser that uses guided technology to hit lightly armored targets in built-up and confined areas.

The CN-235 has speeds up to 454 km/h and can be up at 25,000ft in altitude while still keeping low level flight characteristics. Not only this, the CN-235 has short take off landing capabilities as well. It is powered by two turboprop engines made by GE, coined the CT7-9CE which allows for quick agility, fast response time, high performance, and low fuel consumption. The low fuel consumption equates to roughly 11 hours of flight time. The CN-235ae hold up to 51 people or 13,200 pounds of payload which deems it capable of daily airlift missions.

The short take off landing capabilities are possible through the strong landing gear and tandem low pressure tires. The CN-235 has a light footprint of less than 1800 feet on soft, rough, and unprepared landing trips. It can also perform up to 200 passes in CMR 4.

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