About the Business, Acquisition and Products Lines of Eaton

Acquisition of Weatherhead by Eaton:

Weatherhead became part of Eaton in 2003. Weatherhead’s products are used in construction, mining, agriculture, truck and bus applications. The company specializes in the manufacturing of hydraulic hoses, hose ends, assembly equipment, tube fittings, couplings and support accessories.

Eaton Corporation is a global $21.8 billion diversified industrial manufacture that is a leader in fluid power systems; electrical power quality, distribution and control, automotive engine air management and fuel economy. By acquiring Weatherhead, Weatherhead would support Eaton in being a full-capability provider to the fluid power industry. Eaton acquired Weatherhead for $130 million US. Today, Eaton provides Weatherhead's thermoplastic tubing in sizes from 1/8th through 1 inch for use in robotics, air tools, air supply, water supply and beverage dispensing.

Markets Served:

Eaton serves the following markets:

  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Aviation
  • Community Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Data Centers
  • Energy
  • Government & Military
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Residential
  • Vehicles

Eaton Stocks a Wide Array of Weatherhead Products:

Eaton still carries Weatherhead products. The Weatherhead products that Eaton still carries are: hydraulic hose and fittings, thermoplastic hose and fittings, PTFE hose and fittings, A/C hose and connectors, metric hose ends, adapters, and tube fittings and  adapters. Adapters consist of the following: brass, steel, stainless steel, quick disconnect couplings and swivel joints.

Procure Weatherhead and Eaton Products from ASAP Semiconductor:

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