Keysight ECal Modules

Keysight Electronic Calibration (ECal) Modules are state-of-the art, solid-state devices with programmable and highly repeatable impedance states that are traceable through the National Metrology Institute (NMI). ECal modules are controlled by the Keysight network analyzers, meaning no external PC is required. Electronic calibration replaces the need for traditional mechanical standard calibration, and provides reliable calibration that eliminates outside factors like operator error, all while making the calibration process more simple and convenient.

The Keysight ECal modules enable quick, simple, and consistently accurate calibration of all vector network analyzers. There are many features that make Keysight ECal modules the best solution for calibrating vector network analyzers. These features include:

  • Efficient single calibration standard
  • Precise, accurate transfer standards
  • Wide array of solutions
  • Frequency coverage for DC
  • Supported by all Keysight vector network analyzers
  • Customizable ECal module using user-characterization

Traditional mechanical calibration kits required many connections to the test ports in order to facilitate a single calibration. This puts a higher strain on user interaction during the calibration process, increasing the chance of user error. An ECal module, on the other hand, can accomplish a calibration with a single connection and minimal user interaction. By minimizing the number of connections, users can calibrate faster, reduce the probability of user error, and reduce the wear on the connectors. These benefits will save time, allow more repeatability, and lower repair costs on connectors and calibration standards.

ECal modules are also capable of transferring factory calibration accuracy to your personal network analyzer. An ECal’s accuracy is limited only by the measurement accuracy of the original calibration, and the test setup used to measure the impedance settings within the ECal module. The unique S-parameter data of each module is stored in the module’s memory and, during calibration, ECal uses this data to calculate the error terms for the vector’s network analyzer. These calculations are either insertable or non-insertable devices and are traceable to NMI. Most common RF and microwave assembly have non-insertable connectors, such as devices with female connectors on both ports. An ECal module with connectors that match such a device is the fastest and easiest method of non-insertable calibration. The Keysight ECal module supports in-family mixed connector options: male-male, female-female, and male-female connectors of the same type.

As certain applications require the ability to capture S-parameter data in a wide frequency range, ECal modules have the capability of extending frequency ranges down to direct current levels, allowing the device to calibrate a wider frequency while still not having to make numerous connections during calibration. The ECal modules also allow for custom user characterizations, meaning they can connect with non-Keysight connectors. To perform this characterization, users can follow three steps. First, calibrate the analyzer for the desired connector configuration. Once that is complete, characterize the ECal module impedance standards with the foreign adapters, if necessary. Lastly, simply transfer the date to the module’s flash memory. Whatever connector type or frequency range is required, the Keysight Electronic Calibration (ECal) Modules are up to the task.

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