Types of Signal Generators

A signal generator is any type of device that can create an electronic signal in the form of a wavelength. Oftentimes, they’re used for development and test systems within other equipment designed for assessments. There are various types that you can find in the current market, but each serve the primary purpose of producing an electrical signal. Some very common generators include vector signal generators. signal generators, and arbitrary function generators.

Vector Signal Generator

If you’re working with analog and digital modulation schemes and need to produce RF signals, then you would need to use the vector signal generator. With the vector signal generator, you can produce RF signals in almost any schemes including QAM, QPSK, FSK, BPSK, or OFDM. Technicians will often use this type of generator for receiver sensitivity testing.

Arbitrary Function Generator

An arbitrary function generator can support a wide range of applications needed within one instrument. They can do this because they have a preset list of waveforms or patterns to follow. The parameters of the waveforms can be customized, with customizations including how speedy the process can run, the offset and amplitude, along with the basic modulation and distortion.

Waveform Generator

A waveform generator can produce electrical waveforms across a vast range of signals. There are various types of waveforms including sine wave, triangular wave, pulse wave, cardiac platform waves, arbitrary waves and much more. With a generator that can generate this many waves, it’s best to analyze them via an electrical circuit to confirm if the device is working properly. Some wavelengths are able to be loaded in different steps and processed in sequences consisting of jumps and triggers.


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