Pumping Out the Industry: The Carver Pump Company

Serving the world as one of the leading companies in the centrifugal pump industry, the Carver Pump Company has made it their priority to produce and manufacture solid, straightforward designs engineered to provide many years of lasting value and service. The Carver Pump Company started building their first pumps in the year of 1938 and since then, has developed their operations to include some of the most innovative pump development software and manufacturing equipment available. They are focused on obtaining the highest quality possible, both in their products as well as in their employees’ work. The Carver Pump Company was one of the first pump companies in America to receive ISO 9001:2008 Certification, a quality management standard which is designed to ensure that all of their products meet the needs of their customers. The Carver Pump Company has traditionally built pumps for oil, chemicals, and water for both the private and public sectors.

Today, the Carver Pump Company offers a wide range of products for a variety of different applications. Some of these products include both vertical and horizontal end suction, axial slit case, API, self-priming, multistage, and solids-handling pumps, all of which are engineered to create the most reliable and cost-effective products. For flows up to 9,000 gallons per minute, the Carver Pump Company offers their API Maxum series which is designed for handling hydrocarbons in refining and process industry applications. For depths up to 22 feet, the Carver Pump Company offers vertical sump pumps through their GVS Series, which is a vertical wet pit pump used to handle water, acid, and alkaline solutions. For naval and marine applications, Carver’s M Series offers a pump which can handle flows of seawater, freshwater, and light hydrocarbons up to 5,000 gallons per minute.

The Carver Pump Company offers a selection of pump products which can be applied in a variety of different functions. The Carver Pump Company is capable of engineering products that meet the most demanding military standards and engineering specifications in the world. All of these Carver Pump Company’s products are backed by their extensive aftermarket support division. Regardless of your location, the Carver Pump Company is capable of responding to your needs; through the utilization of their internationally established network of certified service centers, manufacturer’s representatives, and stocking distributors, the Carver Pump Company has affirmed their presence throughout the entire globe in order to readily support your aftermarket needs. No matter where your Carver Pump is installed, there are local sales people and service technicians prepared to respond to your questions and needs.


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