Why You Should Test Your Drones?

When it comes to drones, UAVs, and eVTOL aircraft, the importance of an optimized motor-propeller configuration cannot be overstated. Not only will this ensure your aircraft can fly, it will allow your aircraft to perform at optimal capability. Though regular testing of your motors and propellers throughout the design process may be tiresome and seem unnecessary, it can save valuable time and resources in the long run. Data from manufacturer parts manuals can give you an idea which motors and propellers will work in your design, but before testing it out, it’s not possible to know for certain just how well your drone will work. While there are many benefits to testing your drone motor and propeller, this blog will cover five of the most significant.

The first reason to test your motors and propellers is to increase your drone’s flight time. Simple tests and modifications can add precious minutes to your flight time, allowing you to do much more with your drone, whether it's shooting longer videos, collecting more data, or simply flying farther. A great example of this comes from two Canadian mechanical engineering students, who were able to increase their drone’s flight time from three to seven minutes by testing an array of motor-propeller combinations.

The second benefit of motor-propeller testing is increased payload. Drones are often required to carry a diverse range of payloads, sometimes quite far. Testing will allow users to maximize a drone’s capacity which is especially important in industries such as shipping & delivery, videography, cargo carrying, human transport, and more. Testing multiple motor/propeller combinations will allow you to ensure you are getting the optimal payload capacity. For example, Japanese aerospace company SkyDrive was able to build a drone capable of flying fifteen minutes with a 30kg payload through testing like this.

Another advantage of testing is increasing the range of your drone. The most common limit of a drone is its ability to remain airborne on a single charge. Testing its propulsion system can help maximize efficiency, thereby contributing to longer time in flight. This is especially important when flying over water or into difficult-to-access terrains where, if a drone ran out of power, could be lost for good. In-depth testing of your motor and propeller will not only make these flights possible, but provide the added peace of mind of knowing what you can expect from your drone.

The final two benefits of propulsion system testing are the reliability and safety it fosters. Currently, the rate of drone failure is roughly twice as much as that of commercial aviation. Testing the propulsion system can help prevent failures or, at the very least, help you predict them. For example, a Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety (RAMS) test is an industry-respected test that consumers recognize and trust. Once a propulsion system has been optimized, data from these or similar tests can serve as a reliable source of information. A safer design can also be accomplished through testing of the motors and propellers, especially considering that these complete thousands of revolutions per minute. Better understanding of the function of these components can help curtail harm resulting from overheating, engine failure, power loss, and more, thereby preventing accidents and injuries.

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December 23, 2020

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