Thales Provides Global Aircraft Connectivity Solutions With Flytlink

Orlando, Florida holds a very exciting project from Thales Flytlink. Thales Flytlink’s original headquarters is located within France, that’s where it all started. Flytlink is the one who provides for Flight Deck Avionics and Passenger Connectivity. The whole purpose of Flytlink is to provide a larger range of global aviation connectivity solutions. Communication will exceed excellence with Flytlink. Communications in cockpits are going to be excellent due to Flytlinks availability to enhance iridium satellite. Not only is Flytllink great for communication skills, it will also provide much more safety for pilots.

The first time Flytlink was put out for exhibition was in Orlando, Florida at the National Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition. Customers of Flytlink will be ensured a lot of safety from the product as it will ensure safety features as well as the best communication for flight. All of the types of planes ready to be equipped with Flytlink are commercial transport, business jets, military aircraft, as well as rotorcrafts, and unnamed aircrafts.

Flytlink works hand in hand with Iridium Certus, and will have access WO 66 satellites all over the world, making communication bigger than ever. 2018 is the year that expected Flytlink will be paired up with Iridium Certus. Some examples of safety features that Flytlink will provide are: optional flight data streaming, push to talk voice, ACARS, electronic flight bag pairing, real time weather, active aircraft tracking, secure Wi-Fi, flight crew scheduling, aircraft monitoring, aircraft tracking, and much more.

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