TAI Creates New Light Utility Design Helicopter

Turkish Aerospace Industries has begun the works to manufacture a latest light utility helicopter. The helicopter is known by the TAI T-625 and was introduced to try to be a leading competition in the defense market. Initially created to replace the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) “legacy UH-1H Huey utility helicopter” also a top choice in the lighter helicopter division.

The T-625 has been made with cabin to be able to fit up to 12 passengers comfortably. TAI Inc has also agreed to manufacture the T-625s transmission and main gearbox. A trusted Turkish defense electronic company known as Aslesan has collaborated with TAI to provide the T-625 with the all the on-board electronics compartments that the helicopter may require. Including the “active phased-array transceiver-based electronic warfare and countermeasures suite.”

The Light Helicopter Turbing Engine Company’s T800   engine will be powering the T-625 helicopter. The LHTEC is a partnership between Honeywell and Rolls Royce two very well-known engine and aerospace companies.  The T800 was originally crafted for the US Army RAH-66 Comache armed reconnaissance helicopter but was cancelled and has been optimized to be used for other devices.

Another contribution to the to the development to the T-625 will be the incorporation of its very own turboshaft that will be provided by Tusas Engine Industries.

The Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) presented TAI with the opportunity to be able to develop a utility helicopter prototype. The contract was presented in the year 2013 and is planned to be completed by the last quarter of 2018.

“Aviation Week reports that TAI foresees domestic armed forces and civil demands requiring up to 300 T-625s. Defense News notes that TAI is aiming to sell 800 helicopters domestically, with another 400 being exported. TAI is hoping to leverage Ankara’s flexible foreign relations ties as a means to secure markets that may not be readily accessible to its competitors in the light utility helicopter space, such as Airbus Helicopters and Lockheed Martin/Sikorsky.”

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