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Meggit Safety Systems

Know More About Meggitt Safety Systems:

Meggitt Safety Systems is a part of the Meggitt Aerospace Equipment division of Meggitt PLC. Meggitt PLC is a UK based engineering company specializing in aerospace equipment. Meggitt Safety Systems is located in Sims Valley, California. They are one of the world's leaders in extreme environment protection, fire protection and other safety systems in aircraft, boats, missiles, spacecrafts, trains, various industrial platforms and various energy platforms. They also produce protection for the Humvee currently in active duty.

Meggitt Safety Systems also provides communication support for deep space probes in forms of cables. Their sensors are in aircrafts all over the world, ensuring passengers a safe travel. Meggitt Safety Systems also provides consultation support to manufacturers wanting to test the equipment they produce for operations in extreme environments.

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