Lao Skyway Orders the Airbus H125 Helicopter

When you hear airbus you think of quality because Airbus brings state of the art engineering and ingenuity when it comes to airplanes and helicopters. Helicopters are very popular for few reasons, one is that it is really easy to take off and land anywhere and this makes it very convenient for search and transferring goods to areas that are not easily accessible.

Also helicopters are capable of standing almost still in the air and this great for search and rescue missions, the cops and fire fighters are also known to use helicopters in order to find anyone or be able to save someone who needs rescuing. Lao Skyway has placed an order with Airbus for the Airbus H125 helicopter which most likely will be used for civil and domestic use such as charter flights and locate missions.

Lao Skyway is very proud to be an Airbus customer or even a trusted partner for the past 15 years, this relationship made them very confident to order the Airbus H125 helicopter which is the first helicopter of its kind to operate in Lao. This is because it’s known for its performance, durability, and flies high and for long distances with very minimum maintenance work needed. Having reliable aircraft is very crucial for any user especially a business that will be dependent on the services that it can offer.

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