Highly Successful Pilatus PC-12 Faces Little Competition

The Pilatus PC-12 turboprop has been highly successful since its initial certification back in 1994. The aircraft designed and manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft, boasts extreme flexibility, utility, and versatility. The cabin can be filled with passengers or cargo at high fuel-efficiency. With the rising cost of fuel, the benefit of having a single power plant instead of two makes this aircraft very desirable. Pilatus has had over 200 orders for the latest model of this aircraft. The PC-12 really has no real direct competition. Its closest competitor is the Beech King Air B200, which has two PT-6 engines instead of one. With that being said, the PC-12 is really in a niche all on its own. It is very unique in having a fast, pressurized short/rough field, single-engine turboprop.

The major upgrades that took place in the newest models were the flat-panel avionics, a much-needed modification for its primary use as an executive transport. In addition, there are close to a dozen other substantial upgrades that have been incorporated into the new models, which are aimed at keeping the aircraft up to pace with technological advancements in the aerospace industry and also to maintain the profitability and success of the aircraft. Pilatus Aircraft is a Swiss-based aircraft manufacturer that employs over 1,400 people.

Pilatus is a modest mid-cap size company that was founded in 1939 with a primary focus in fixed-wing aircraft, a focus it still maintains today. During wartime periods, the company has been known to design and manufacture significant amounts of military aircraft for both the Swiss Air Force along with the USAF, although their core competency is undoubtedly in business and civil aircraft. ASAP Semiconductor, through our proprietary website ASAP NSN Parts, specializes in the distribution of aerospace products around the world for both commercial, civil, and military applications. We work with Pilatus Aircraft to ensure we carry the most highly-demanded spare parts for your aircraft requirements. Browse our capabilities on www.asap-nsnparts.us and contact us today at sales@asap-nsnparts.us for a quote.


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