FXC Corporation - Unbeatable in the Market for Innovative Life Support Protective Equipment and Aerial Delivery Systems

Among the Best that Deliver Life Support Products: FXC Corporation was founded in 1973 and is currently located in Santa Ana, California. FXC Corporation designs, manufactures and distributes innovative life support protective equipment and aerial delivery systems for military aerospace applications. The corporation is a privately held business that was formally recognized by the World Trade Center of Orange County. They were awarded the “Exporter of the Year Award” for their for their prestigious small business skills.

About the Company’s Innovative Products Line:

FXC Corporation was the first company to develop a product that sped up the rate of descent. They created the sensing Automatic Parachute Ripcord Release for the sport and military markets. Today FXC Corporation has the following product categories:

  • Aerial Delivery-Cargo
    • The Aerial Delivery-Cargo category line consists of the following
      • Cargo Parachute- the Cargo Parachute offers the delayed necessary to prevent premature disconnect of the payload during the initial unstable parachute deployment sequence.
      • Extraction Parachute Jettison System- the Extraction Parachute Jettison System couples the extraction line with the 3-pont link assembly. The extraction parachute jettison system has been developed to jettison malfunctioning parachutes remotely, quickly and safely.
      • DM 500 Mechanical Dereefer- The DM 500 Mechanical Dereefer is designed to be reused multiple times and offers delays of 2 or 4 seconds.
  • Cargo Parachutes- Military
    • The Cargo Parachutes-Military offers parachutes that have been tested and inspected to meet the following systems:
      • Cargo Parachutes
      • Supply Parachutes
      • Extraction Parachutes
  • Environmental Sensor
    • FXC is a long time supplier of aircrew ejection system components.
  • Parachute Automatic sensing and Activation Devices
    • The parachute automatic sensing and activation devices are used for dual application use for in-flight emergency egress escape bail-out conditions and for pre-mediated parachute jump scenarios. The line consists of:
      • Model 2400
      • Model 2101
      • Military Model 12000 & Model 12000
      • ASTRA (EAAD)
  • Payload/UAV Recovery
    • The payload/UAV recovery offers customers the chance to develop the most appropriate and reliable type of parachute system product to meet their requirements.
  • Personal Parachute Systems
    • FXC Corporation maintains the manufacturing process, quality engineering, production and product inspection expertise to deliver the following systems
      • Non-steerable troop parachutes
      • Steerable troop parachutes
      • Reserve parachutes
      • Military free- fail parachutes
      • Emergency parachutes
      • Personnel torso harnesses
      • Ejection seat Parachutes
      • Deceleration Parachute
  • Test Equipment
    • FXC Corporation also offers test equipment that is offered to meet the scheduled inspection and maintenance services.

FXC Corporation also offers service support that supports its products, product demonstrations, product training, and product integration.

Receive the Best from Reliable Distributors:

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP NSN-Parts, is a leading distributor of all FXC Corporation line products. Please contact ASAP Semiconductor today at sales@asap-nsnparts.us or call us at 1-714-705-4780 and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives available will be ready to assist you.


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