CAE Working With Draken to Offer 16 Douglas A-4 Skyhawks

James Drew wrote an article for Flightglobal talking about how the Canadian training and simulation firm, CAE, is working along side with Draken, an American aviation contractor in order for the company to offer 16 Douglass A-4 Skyhawks fir the Royal Canadian Air Force. The Royal Canadian Air Force will be using these 16 Douglas A-4 Skyhawks for their combat training.

CAE is also offering two of its own Bombardier Learjets 35s for the Canadian air force. These two Bombardier Learjets 35s come with electronic panels for warfare. These panels have the ability to carry mission pods and towed targets.

The bid for the Contracted Airborne Training Services (or CATS for short) was sent in earlier but the company will not hear any responses in terms of decisions until later this year.

IT was on May 24th when Mike Greenley, CAE’s Canada vice president and general manager, talked about the offer at a CANSEC military convention in Ottawa.

The A-4’s have the ability to mimic the display screens of the Russian Sukhoi Su-30 fighters.

Here’s what Greenley has to say

“We can stimulate that display through constructive simulation through radio links, so it could look like there were four or six aircraft coming from many miles away, even though there’s only a couple of aircraft in the air. Or, the type of aircraft in the air could be A-4 SkyHawks, but on their display it might look like an Su-30, or some other type of Russian or Chinese aircraft. [LVC] will allow for much richer scenarios, so this will be the next-generation of this type of capability with R&D in Canada for export [from Canada].”


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