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C&D Aerospace Competence : C&D Aerospace is a leading manufacturer of cabin interiors. In 2005 they were acquired by Zodiac Aerospace. Zodiac Aerospace is a leading distributor in equipment and other systems for commercial and business aircraft and this includes helicopters. A primary focus of theirs is also aircraft safety.  Zodiac Aerospace cabin and structures division is global business that is determined to have the most innovative, safe, modern and comfortable interiors to provide an enjoyable flying experience for their customers. Zodiac Aerospace Cabin and Structured division currently have over 6,000 people employed worldwide. When it comes to cabin structures their philosophy is driven around increasing reliability, simple installation, baggage space and using lightweight materials.

Types of Cabin Airline Interior

The types of cabin airline interior equipment that we offer include:

  • Cabin Furnishing: galleys, closets, curtains, bars, sofas, etc.
  • Interior Architectures: floors, ceilings, overhead bin systems, etc.

They provide these in a multitude of materials and they can provide paint, stain, varnish, upholstery, seats, etc.

The Best in the Market Delivering Cabin Interior Services

Zodiac Aerospace also offers cabin interior services which include integration, which is when an employee can come out to coordinate the layout and offer their expertise. They also offer aftermarket distributions services. The structures part of the division takes advantage of a multitude of advanced molding materials like honeycomb, braided preforms and pregregs. They supply structures for both commercial and military aircrafts.

Which is the Industry Leading Distributor Available for Procuring Zodiac Aerospace Products?

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website ASAP NSN Parts, distributes a large inventory of Zodiac Aerospace Cabin Interiors parts for the commercial markets. We carry a comprehensive inventory of Zodiac Aerospace Cabin Interiors parts and provide a 24/7 database to procure any we do not have. If you have a requirement for any of these parts, contact us today at sales@asap-nsnparts.us and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.


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