Bowmar - Unmatched in the Market Serving Aerospace and Defense Industries with Precision products

A Global Leader in Precision Mechanical Products : Bowmar, serving the aerospace and defense industries, is a preferred choice in electromechanical and electronic systems/subsystems, high-reliability interface products and precision gear assemblies.

Founder of Bowmar is Ed White, an educated electrical engineer from Harvard University who started Bowmar at the age of 23 in 1951 in his Fort Wayne, Indiana garage. Six months later, after investing $3,500 of his own money and borrowing $6,500 the business was moved to an aircraft hangar. In 1971 Bowmar's biggest defining moment came when they produced the world’s first hand-held calculator, the “Bowmar Brain” led in a new frontier of technological advances. After many changes over the six decades, including a period of time the company was known as White Electric Designs Corporation, Bowmar filed for bankruptcy in 1976. However, the company managed to continue by withdrawing from the consumer market and producing precision mechanical devices used in a variety of landmark products; Apollo Lunar Excursion Modules, F-4’s and jet passenger aircrafts.

Bowmar Products in High Demand

In February 2012, the Fort Wayne Daily News reported that the Fort Wayne-based Bowmar LLC was now in business again after being bought by investors in the Main Street Venture Fund. Bowmar’s expertise and reliable products are mainstays in equipment and demanding environments on land, sea and air around the globe; for example, from manual trim panels  on F-16’s that allow pilots to control aircraft yaw, pitch and roll to the audio control panels on Boeing 747s that ensure effective internal communication.

Bowmar’s craftsmanship can also be found in the Virginia Class submarine’s Control and Indicator Unit, which operates and monitors the sonar towed array handling system. Bowmar’s highly skilled team of engineers, designers, assemblers and other staff have served thousands of customers over the years and have supported the needs of some of the world’s leading industries. Bowmar has become a global leader in precision products that are meeting the technological demands and new horizons of the 21st century.

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