Bombardier to Provide SmartSky 4G LTE-Based Network On Business Jets

Over the next few months, Bombardier will work to focus on incorporating the SmartSky 4G LTE network into all of its US based business jet platforms including Challenger, Global, and Learjet aircraft.  SmartSky utilizes a unique air-to-ground network to provide 4G LTE network capabilities to customers throughout the continental US.  The network was developed as a direct response to an industry-wide lack of high-speed internet, and today it is the premier choice for in-flight connectivity.

SmartSky Networks president Ryan Stone said:

"SmartSky 4G is the only in-flight network capable of offering services in which bi-directional high bandwidth and low latency are essential”.

"That includes two-way streaming video or support of new advanced applications optimized to take advantage of ultrafast connectivity."

Additionally, the system will be used in tandem with Bombardier’s existing internet connectivity network known as WAVE.  Bombardier is hoping that the combined power of SmartSky and WAVE will provide users with an unparalleled in-flight network.  The speed of this new combined system will allow users to stream videos, make phone calls, perform video conferences, and surf the web all while aboard a business jet.

Bombardier Business Aircraft services sales and authorized service facilities vice-president Chris Milligan said:

"This is the airborne network experience our customers have been waiting for”.

Bombardier is already underway testing the capabilities of the WAVE system in their experimental test bed, so it is only a matter of time until they also incorporate the SmartSky system into this same testing session.


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