Boeing is Awarded Contract for 20 P-8A Poseidon Aircraft

Boeing was recently awarded a multibillion-dollar contract with the U.S. Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force. The contract is worth approximately $2.4 billion and is for 20 P-8A Poseidon aircrafts. Out of the 20 aircrafts 16 of them are meant for the U.S. Navy and will be used to replace the Navy’s P-3C Orion Aircrafts. Meanwhile 4 of them will go to the RAAF. Based on Boeing’s Next-Generation 737-800, the P-8A is considered one the worlds’ most advanced anti-submarine and anti-surface aircrafts.

After the announcement of the contract Boeing’s Vice President and Program Manager for the P-8 program, James Dodd, released a statement saying that “We continue to hear feedback from our U.S. Navy customer about the incredible capabilities of the P-8A,” Dodd went on to say that “The deployed squadrons tell us it’s exceeding expectations. We’re looking forward to providing even more capability to the fleet and to Australia.”

This deal with Royal Australian Air Force follows its decision in 2014 to purchase 8 P-8As and in addition to the Australian military other countries such as India currently operate the P-8A and the U.K.s Royal Airforce has also expressed an interest in purchasing 9 P-8As.

 The news of this contract now doubt brought a smile to executives at Boeing especially since the American Aircraft company’ s defense arm recently lost out on a lucrative U.S. Air Force contract to build a new long range bomber. More to that the company was facing uncertainty regarding its F-18 and F-15 production lines in St. Louis, MI. Mainly because the facility was lacking enough orders to justify it remaining open till the end of the decade. After Kuwait announced recently that it would purchase Eurofighter Typhoon jets instead of the Boeing f-18. However, despite this setback with the Kuwait Military Boeing remains optimistic that a deal can still come to fruition and the American based aircraft company will no doubt be happy that while it waits for further deals to be finalized it isn’t left contract-less and has some P-8As to build.

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