A Look at Different Drone Parts

For a safe and smooth drone flight, it’s important that every drone part is working efficiently. Understanding this and knowing about these components will give any UAV owner an advantage and better chances of having a long surviving drone. If you experience issues with drone flight, then understanding the functions of each drone component will help you solutionism and fix the problem. For a more detailed explanation on drone parts and components, read the article below.

The first of many drone parts, the standard prop, or the “tractor” propeller consists of propellers located toward the front end of the quadcopter. These propellers can pull up the quadcopter via the air in the same way that a tractor might. The majority of drone propellers are built out of plastic but better quality versions are made of carbon fiber. Advanced propeller designs will assist in a smoother flying experience and longer flight times. There is also some big innovation towards low noise uav props. As a helpful recommendation, it is always a good tip to examine the propellers before flying and haul an additional set in the event that you see damage on the propeller. Though it may seem obvious, you should never fly with a damaged or bent propeller.

Along with this standard propeller, there are also pusher propellers. The pusher props are located toward the rear and push the UAV forward which is why it is called the “pusher propeller”. These contra-rotating props exactly cancel out motor torques during stationary level flight. Downdraft happens when the opposite pitch occurs. These types can be built with plastic while the better pusher props are made from carbon fiber. Additionally, you are also able to acquire guards for the pusher props to shield them from any more damage. Its recommended that you evaluate these propellers and carry an extra set for a safety precaution.

Brushless motors are another standard design that is important. More efficient motors save battery life and give the owner more flying time, which is what every pilot wants. Drone motor design is pretty exciting at the moment. A couple of years ago, DJI released the Inspire 1 with a new patented motor design which was quite revolutionary. DJI developed and patented a new curved magnet, which fits perfectly around the motor allowing the motor to run more efficiently. Examine the motors regularly. Make sure they are clean and free from dust. It’s suggested to become acquainted with how the drone sounds and looks. A majority of the sound should come from the motors. If it doesn’t sound right, then examine your drone. Fly a couple of feet off the ground and close to you.


June 11, 2020

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